Where your allegiance lies: Laravel vs Codeigniter?

Where your allegiance lies: Laravel vs Codeigniter?

The use of PHP framework became a compulsion for building customised solutions for the business from the last few years. PHP framework is a modern solution that provides flexibility in structured coding.  There are many PHP frameworks in the market, and among them, Laravel and Codeigniter are the most prominent one. 

Both of these PHP frameworks are the subject of debate for a long time for the development job.  Laravel and Codeigniter are often compared to find out which one is better. This piece will find everything about Laravel and Codeigniter, from uses to differences to the comparison table. 

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source, widely used web application framework. It is employed to ameliorate the task of development for web developers by looking after everyday chores. Some of these tasks of web projects are caching, session, authentication and routing. Laravel comes with sophisticated and explicit syntax. Under the MIT license, it is released and its source code is hosted on GitHub.

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What makes Laravel useful?

  •  Extends the version control system that boosts streamlined managing of migrations
  • It supports DBMS platforms such as PostgreSQL, SQL Server and MySQL.
  • It provides modular packaging with composer oriented dependency manager. 
  • This framework comes with an auto-loading feature to avoid manual maintenance. 
  • Laravel helps in generating new tools with a LOC container.
  • It offers excellent documentation features to help web developers from complex processes.
  • Backing for the advanced ActiveRecord and Eloquent ORM
  • This platform also offers features like blade templating engine and supports artisan command with sample code line interface.
  • This PHP framework allows web designers to implement limitations among multiple DBM objects by employing an advanced query builder mechanism. 

What is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is a powerful web application framework. This platform best suits the developers who need a simple tool kit to build a full-featured web app. Codeigniter is a great option to create dynamic web apps by employing PHP framework.

It gives full freedom as it doesn’t rely on MVC development patterns. Plus, it enables third-party plugins that help in implementing complex functionalities. 

What makes Codeigniter useful?

  • PHP framework is a simple debug that allows developers to identify errors in the development job quickly. This platform can extend PHP coding to get distinct functions via frameworks.
  • Codeigniter development works in harmony with the majority of the servers, various operating systems and platforms. 
  • This PHP platform is a great way to employ modular programs.  
  • This platform offers exceptional performance and presentation.
  • It provides security features such as remote code execution, XSS attacks, and SQL injection.
  • This platform also ensures no interception from any group to access accounts on the same session.
  • It offers flexible URI Routing and supports for Class Extensions and Hooks.

Key Points of Differentiation

Comparison from a technical standpoint 

1. Template Engine 

Laravel has Blade as the default template engine. The syntax is traditionally inspired by the ASP.NET Razor syntax and offers a more clean way to write templates. The syntax is just a part; the primary benefit of employing blade than flat PHP is to make it convenient and more comfortable to split templates and reuse templates. Laravel comes with a built-in template engine whereas with Codeigniter, web app developers require to employ a powerful template engine and integrate it with the framework to attain everyday tasks. 

Built-in templates engine helps web developers to optimize the performance of the website app promptly.

2. Database 

Both Laravel and Codeigniter remain the same when it comes to the Database. Both the platforms offer integration for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, ORACLE, DB2, and PostgreSQL. Along with these tools, Codeigniter also supports MongoDB, OrientDB, Microsoft Bi, and JDBC. This simply means Codeigniter is supporting more databases than Laravel.

Laravel allows web developers to employ Eloquent ORM, whereas Codeigniter does not support this. This helps web developers to work with various databases reasonably. They can directly interact with the databases and can run everyday chores by employing models. Laravel empowers web developers to manipulate ORM and is also utilised to achieve usual undertaking such as running database analyses and rooting new records.

3. Routing

Both of these frameworks offer routing features; they support both explicit and implicit routing. However, it is said that Laravel is a better framework when it comes to sending routing requests.

The most basic Laravel routes approve a closure and a URI, rendering a susceptible and expressive procedure of defining routes and behaviour without complex routing configuration logs. All Laravel routing is defined in the route logs that are positioned in the route directory. The applications automatically upload these logs. The route/web.php file interprets routes that are for the web interface.

4. Modularity

Many web developers prefer to carry out web app development by disintegrating it into isolated forms. To streamline and accelerate the development process,

Laravel comes with a built-in modularity feature that enables developers to segment it into smaller parts for easy development. It is planned with seclusion highlights. The developed modules can be employed for another project or activity. 

Codeigniter does not have a built-in modularity feature; this makes the development process a bit complicated for web developers. If the developers require you to build modules, they need to use modular extensions in the project. Codeigniter is not outlined with measured quality highlights. 

Comparisons based on:

1. Google Trends 

  • In 2018, Laravel framework was positioned on the top among all the listed frameworks.
  • With the launch of Laravel 5.5 framework, Google Trends witnessed a surge in Laravel search results worldwide.

2. Market share 

  • Almost 113,207 websites were built on Codeigniter used extensively in countries like India, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and 39 other countries.
  • There are approximately 88,946 unique domains in CodeIgniter.
  • CodeIgniter is used in various industries. 4.79% in computer electronics and technology, 4.70 in science and education, 2.54% in the arts and entertainment industry.
  • There are 132,687 websites constructed using Laverel. This framework is extensively used in countries like America, Brazil, the UK, Russia and ten other nations.
  • More than 42,435 companies use Laravel. This framework is majorly used in companies with 10-50 employees and 1million to 10 million revenue.
  • Laravel has a market share of 0.37%.

3. Stack Overflow

  • In the year 2019, more than 1.5% of the queries asked on Stack Overflow was about Laravel
  • Whereas only 0.2% of queries were asked about Codeigniter.

Table of comparison

ParametersSupporting other DBMS
LaravelORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL, Postgre SQL, JDBC compatible, IBMDB2
CodeigniterMicrosoft SQL Server, MySQL, ORACLE, DB2, and PostgreSQL. Along with these tools, Codeigniter also supports MongoDB, OrientDB, Microsoft Bi, and JDBC.
ParameterCurrent trends and Popularity
LaravelLaravel is at the peak of its popularity; newbie developers favour its expressive coding style.
Codeigniter It provides ease of use in 2x that is why it is popular with developers.
ParameterUpdate and structure
LaravelLaravel pursues MVC Structure of filing and comes with a command-line tool known as an artisan. 
CodeigniterThe structure is loosely based on object-oriented programming, and the structure is MVC and offers ease onboarding


Both of these PHP frameworks have its own set of advantages and relevance. The best framework entirely depends on the project that one should prefer. Lavarel does have the upper hand in some categories than Codeigniter because of it’s advanced features. Choose the framework that goes well with your project.