Magento 2: The Top Ten New Exciting Features

In our past blogs, we had already discussed how Magento Ecommerce Development can benefit our business and how to install Magento 2. Now, in this article, we will take a quick glance over some of the new exciting features of Magento 2. Yes, your wait is over and we can unroll the list of amazingly new features of Magento 2. So, without beating around the bush, we shall start discussing them one by one in detail…

  • Magento 2.0 has got greater compatibility

Magento 2.0 has got better compatibility; it is compatible with PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework to manage the performance of translations, cache engine, and database access layer. Also, it extends to support Oracle, MYSQL and a wide range of other databases, which is great for the Windows platform.

  • It comes with higher flexibility

Because of the component-based module structure, Magento 2.0 has got a completely new level of flexibility, when it comes to magento development. The components include CMS, catalog, customer, check out, sales and many more. The developers are allowed to enable or disable any component. Also, they can keep the codebase clean and detangled at the same time. This also helps to enhance the performance of the site.

  • Magento 2.0 has got the test-friendly environment

Code testing has always been a problem when it comes to Magento. Well, thanks to the constant hard work and efforts put in by the Magento developers for making Magento 2.0, a 100 % test friendly environment. It has got a testing framework that is designed to perform the tests like static, performance, unit, legacy and migration, integration and JavaScript unit tests. Also, the developer can easily set up an automated test. All these testing methods help merchants to run their business even more efficiently and effectively.

  • Service contracts simplifying the use of APIs

This is one of the most important features of Magento 2 for developers, as it helps them to better understand the public API endpoints. Basically, it is a set of PHP interfaces which will help the developers to simplify the use of various APIs.

  • New file structure helps with the custom themes

Because of the completely new file structure of Magento 2.0, the developers find it much easier to develop custom Magento themes. It has got no base theme and the base views are moved into the module structure.

  • Upgrades and installation in a hassle-free manner

With the help of the built-in composer, the installation process of Magento 2.0 has become easier and quicker. People can not only install it in a hassle-free manner but also they can update the latest version of Magento 2.0 easily.

  • Components and modules elimination for advanced payment options

By cutting the size of the config.xml file by 20 percent, Magento 2.0 has made the payment options quite advanced and contemporary, replacing the old outdated payment method of Magento 1.0. This has helped all the Magento 2.0 developers and has made it easier for them to offer customizable solutions in minimum time.

  • Built with the help of ‘concept view in the module’

As Magento 2.0 has been built with the help of the ‘concept view in the module’, its overall development time and complications have been reduced considerably. This helps developers create a view and get it working within no time.

  • Enhanced security is one of the best features of Magento 2.0

Magento 2.0 is more secure than the previous versions because of the remarkable changes made in the directory structure. As compared to ecommerce developers, There is a new directory named ‘pub’ through which the developers can keep their codes secured and protect them from various security breaches.

  • Seamless support to the coders from Magento community

If you are planning to upgrade to Magento 2.0 Migration, leave all your worries aside, as the Magento coders will receive seamless help and support from the Magento community.

It is quite obvious that you are a bit too much impressed by the features of Magento 2 and would like to start using it as soon as possible. You can also hire Magento 2 developer to built your eCommerce Solution. All the best for experiencing the amazing Magento 2!