How to Master Your Digital Campaigns with Odoo 14?

How to Master Your Digital Campaigns with Odoo 14?

Why should you choose Odoo for your business?

No, this is not a sales pitch but an opportunity that might just change the meaning of managing efficient digital campaigns for you.

Having a digital ecosystem is the need for the present businesses and campaign management is the key to online presence. However, that’s just not done. When brands begin their journey of establishing themselves from scratch or even introducing something new to the market, getting the right exposure is the struggle that remains.

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Today, businesses of every shape and size look to achieve a digital presence of their brand. Every digital marketing campaign comes with three significant aspects that need to be uncovered at any cost.  They are:

  • Positive brand image
  • Great customer experience
  • Increased profitability

If you miss out on any of the suggested aspects, are you sure you have mastered your digital campaigns?

Now, what if we told you there’s something to help? No, we aren’t joking. This is where the new Odoo comes to play for your digital campaigns.

What Does Odoo Bring to Digital Marketing?

Decisive Targeting

For every organization, business, or company there is, having your audience sorted, and segregated is a major task that needs to be accomplished. This is exactly what Odoo 14 brings to the table.

With the latest update, marketing companies can easily target their ideal customers with the help of product persona’s and also segregate the collected data to segment consumers with the help of given demographics.

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Greater Engagement

Greater engagement is the secret sauce to greater conversions. What makes it possible?

Showcasing your content at the right place and at the right time. Odoo 14 provides your marketing company with greater engagement by offering your business with the right platform and at the right time.

Higher Conversion

Higher conversions are a dream for companies in the digital ecosystem. When you migrate to Odoo 14, we through Odoo ERP development services integrate your platform with the right tools for higher conversions.

How do we do it?

It’s simple, Odoo determines the leads that are worth engaging and helps you out with refined prospects, helping your business reach maximum efficiency.


Odoo takes a different approach over traditional marketing when it comes to providing your company with the best results in a cost-effective manner.

What we do is allow you to create multiple campaigns, allowing you to analyze and segregate the campaigns that perform better. This way, you can easily tap into the campaign that drives the best results without having to implement the trial and error method.

Real-time Results

Odoo 14 aims to provide you real-time data, in a matter of clicks. Yes, it’s possible now!

Odoo creates intuitive results, taking note of the demographics and analytics that help you derive better results.

How to Streamline Digital Marketing with Odoo?

1. Combine Apps

Odoo has just made the impossible, possible! What did we do it, you ask?

The latest software update to Odoo 14 now allows users to combine all the models, from the launch of their campaign to the measurement of the cell targets from the website to the CRM.

When you integrate all your major platforms of performance in one, getting an eagle’s eye view on the overall process just gets easier over Odoo 14.

2. Boost Across All Channels

Odoo 14 allows businesses to integrate all their major social media platforms over one single platform with their websites and CRM. This way, you are really saved from the troubles of having to switch between given platforms to keep an eye on results but get an insight over the dashboard.

3. Track Results

Now that you have all your performance metrics in one place, do you think tracking results would be hard?

No, Odoo 14 has made it possible with its ‘REALLY’ powerful campaign management systems. Now, users can easily track their success across multiple channels over a single click and in real-time!

Why Choose Odoo for Digital Campaigns?

Campaign Management

The powerful campaign management systems over Odoo 14 allow you to create campaigns for various types of businesses (social marketing, email marketing) and schedule them as well.

This way, you can really focus on what matters to your business with all your campaigns sorted and segregated.

Isn’t that interesting? 

Content Creation

No, aren’t designers by any chance but there is something unique with the Odoo 14 update.

Now, you can not only create new campaigns but even design content with a powerful content creation tool. There is a well-defined and curated list of templates that are professional and engaging.

Setting up your business and campaigns from scratch has just got easier!

Marketing Automation

The latest update over Odoo 14 is more focused on providing you with value to your core business. While marketing automation might look like a mammoth task to apply and execute, it certainly isn’t easy. Odoo does sort that out for you.

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Now, you can easily set up your email campaigns, allowing you to get optimized results and real-time stats in a matter of clicks. Enjoy the automated experience!

Performance Analytics

Data is the pointer that takes you in the right direction. When you have your data in your hands, it just gets easier to execute operations and take business decisions without much hindrance.

Odoo 14 allows users to tap into real-time performance analysis and get results in their hands.

What’s New in Odoo 14? 

Wondering what’s new? Have a look at, yourself:

24-hour Mail Recap

The new 24-hour email recap feature allows you to have a look at all the overview of the data collected over your campaign in the last 24 hours.

Customer Preview Text

It’s a newly introduced field that you can fill up with a catchy line. This later sends an email to your customers and they are greeted with the catchy jist, post the creation of a campaign,

Mail Header Snippet

The mail header snippet is a great functionality when you need your content to pop up to a full-screen. This helps you portray the visuals in a much better way.


Limitless possibilities are just the exact thing with the new Odoo 14 update. Now, you can easily take your business to a new level, without having to compromise over the costs of managing a seamless operation.

Companies of every shape and size need to leverage the possibilities of accelerating their business with the latest update of Odoo. With the new dynamics that come in handy and the number of applications that have just been made possible over a cost-effective medium, now is the right time to migrate to Odoo 14.

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