What does the Newest Version of Odoo 14 Offer


Odoo releases a new version every year, and this year being pandemic-ridden, as we all know the version roll-out was an online event. Right after the launch of Odoo 13 in 2019, the company hinted towards a roadmap for the next version. It was more towards working on feature-based aspects of the platform to increase its efficiency.

On the surface, claims to improve operational efficiency might feel generic. But when you really take note of some of the changes the developers are aiming at, like cross-integration of third-party apps, and restructuring frameworks, such claims make sense.

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The final product, which we received in the form of Odoo 14 stands true to the claims for the most part, as we take you through some of the exciting features.

New features with Odoo

1.Moving from Slack to Odoo Native Chat Functionality

The core of Odoo ERP development is customer-centric, so it doesn’t make much sense to integrate a third-party chat functionality. Even some of the customer reps and clients are trying to navigate away from Slack, and there was an evident need for a native chat module. In the new chat, the user can just click on the small circle beside the registered purchaser from the tree view, and a chat box pops up.

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2. Scheduling Activity from the Tree View

In large enterprises, where multiple events are hosted parallelly, it becomes tough to keep a track of the activity.  Even recording the activity in the first place, and then shelling them out based on the records is also a tedious process. This slows down the operational efficiency and takes automation away from the scene.

Now, with Odoo 14, the activity to be performed one after the other is stacked as per the order in the tree view, so there is no need to run back to the recording and check the activity schedule.

3. Enhanced Web-building Components

Odoo, both as an ERP solution suite and as an e-commerce platform, faces stern competition from some of the big names in the business. This brought a need to revamp the website builder and include some interesting modules. What earlier was a simple HTML, Java, and CSS-based web builder now allows pro developers to customize code using visual builder, and shape a website that is second to none.

It has added some new website templates that work on drag and drop mode.  There are various other additions to the new website builder that you can explore. But the bottom line is that Odoo 14 has satiated the needs of both pro-developers and novices.

4. Enhanced UI to Track Activity

There are several new elements added in the UI section of the POS (Point of Sale) page. The UI has been neatly designed so that users can easily navigate through options, like product configuration, send emails, and ask for confirmation in a breeze.

Now, in the PoS section, the customer can easily configure the product based on the subcategory and parent category. Once the order has been placed, the user can send the invoice through email. Finally, the ‘ask for information’ acts as a follow-up to sending emails. This completes the product order loop.

5. Data Cleaning for Removal of Redundant Data

If you have worked with multiple sets of clients over a period of time using the same ERP solutions, the chances of data duplication are quite high. Also, over the period, you will keep piling on the data for various transactions, and you might need it in the future, but the archiving feature of Odoo 13 was not that great. However, things have taken a turn with the Odoo 14, as it includes a data cleaning module.

Now, with the data cleaning module, you end up assorting data-related leads, contact details, email IDs, and other pieces of information. In the next step, you can merge the information required and remove the clutter. So, data management is simplified at its core.

6. Better Security with 2FA, and Re-captcha

Odoo 14 has included two crucial sets of security features, the first one is two-factor authentication, while the other is re-captcha availability. Now, the thing is, with the work from home setup, the security vulnerability has also increased.

There are various ways through which people can get unauthorized access to your account. Initially, there were some third-party apps that allowed for 2FA, but a native inclusion of the same in the Odoo set is a welcome addition.

One other thing that has increased the security setup of the platform is the re-captcha availability through which a flurry of bot invasion to the account can be prohibited.

7. Spreadsheet Capability with Document App

Spreadsheet capability is a crucial addition to the Odoo 14. With the spreadsheet feature, an output excel sheet can be generated which would detail reports on important elements. You can have reported on unit sold, revenue, stock outlay, and various other business elements.

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These reports can be real handy for analysis. You can correlate data amongst various fields and filter them using several data analytics tools. Businesses need to continuously monitor their performance, and set benchmarks and targets for the coming year. This is where reporting using spreadsheet features completes the Odoo ERP solutions.


We have included some of the of-the-top features on Odoo 14 in this article, while there are various other subtle additions too. Some of these include exploring documents on the go, using a dedicated expenses sheet to monitor the cash burn status.

The new Odoo 14  also includes a dedicated purchase app through which the managers can track the number of orders placed, delivered, and other crucial purchase information. Then there are some standard additions to bolster the SEO prospects.And if you are looking out for a Odoo Partner.

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