Why is MEAN Stack a cut above other technological Frameworks?

Why is MEAN Stack a cut above other technological Frameworks?

The IT industry is a dynamic arena; therefore, it is a paramount for businesses to be innovative and responsive with their web development. To grow globally, Web developers need to stay upgraded with the market trends as this technologically-driven world demands well-designed, functional, optimized, secured, and user-friendly websites which are equally reliable and can outsmart the competition. 

Nevertheless, we have effective platforms and technologies that are helping us keep up with the technological drifts and are propitious to achieve what is expected. One such likely-looking technology for development purposes is MEAN Stack.

MEAN is a full Stack JS platform that proved to be quite promising in building highly competent, robust and scalable applications. Although there are many technological options available in the market, a huge inclination has been observed towards MEAN Stack, the reason being its quality of creating high performing applications such as – dynamic single-page applications, complex enterprise applications, big data-oriented web apps, real-time apps, and social media apps. 

It is a flexible, open-source framework with MEAN being an acronym, standing for MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. 

Let’s take a glance at all four components of MEAN Stack

1. MongoDB (database program)

  • Open-source NoSQL database that serves the best of both NoSQL and RDBMS
  • Flexible schema designs
  • Uses JSON for front-end and API communication
  • Relies on architecture for collecting data and documents
  • Handles large volumes of data due to the scalable nature of the database.
  • Big companies like Accenture, Alibaba travels, Lyft uses MongoDB

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2. Express (back-end web framework)

  • It is a light-weight server-side JavaScript framework 
  • A part of the MEAN stack works along with Node.js making the development process
  • It enables developers to build faster applications
  • High routing mechanism 
  • Allows developers to build great content on the page using template engines
  • Offers easy debugging with its specialized debugging mechanism

Twitter, stack, client platform, etc bring Express under use

3. Angular.js (frontend framework)

  • By default frontend JavaScript framework
  • MVC design pattern that helps in better web development
  • It is built and maintained by google
  • Efficient two-way data binding 
  • Low code framework
  • Modular structure simplifies development and testing

Global companies like Paypal, Deutsche Bank, Forbes, Gmail, etc used Angular.js to scale their web development 

4 . Node.js ( back-end runtime environment)

  • Open-source, cross-platform JavaScript framework
  • It is built on chrome’s V8 engine which makes it fast in nature
  • It uses the single-threaded model 
  • This application never buffers any data output is provided in parts

Companies like general electrics, eBay, go daddy, Microsoft uses Node.js for web development.

Some substantial reasons why we think MEAN Stack is here to stay


The reason behind MEAN stack being a high-caliber framework is that it’s open-source and free to use. It allows extensive code sharing and reusability inside the stack. As a result, development time and eventually, the cost is reduced. Apart from this, MEAN Stack is completely about JavaScript, so developers who work with MEAN Stack will only need expertise in JavaScript whereas other frameworks demand expertise in multiple technologies. Hence, a fewer number of developers will be hired for MEAN Stack compared to other frameworks.

Versatile in Nature

Development, testing, and cloud integration are done optimally. MEAN Stack is unbelievably flexible for the developers. With the help of MongoDB, any sort of alteration like adding or deleting information from the app can be done, just by adding more fields in the form. It also provides a full cluster report and easy replication.

Easy MVP Development

Due to its fast framework MEAN Stack can create easy and quick MVPs. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It is a small version of an entire product with minimal features that can be tried and tested by early users before the product launch who gives their vital input for future development. These MVPs may be less fulfilling but still adequate to give feedback. Building early MVPs gives you market insight and are very crucial for cutbacks. 

Easy to switch between Server and Client Site

Using MEAN Stack for app development gives users a flawless experience. It makes it extremely easy using some mere coding to switch between server-side and client-side without including any third-party server to deploy apps. With the help of Node.js, apps can be directly deployed to the server. 

Effortless Isomorphic Coding 

Development with MEAN Stack is isomorphic which means MEAN Stack can run on multiple platforms without making any changes to the source code. Consequently, it minimizes development efforts and allows developers to utilize their time and resources in escalating already created applications.

Highly Flexible

Since all 4 components are supported by a common platform, that is, JavaScript, working gets highly flexible and organized. Development, testing, and launch are not at all cumbersome. Developers can even test the application on cloud platforms. Developers feel productive and upgraded as they can keep up with the project management teams. Track projects and get in sync with different teams.

Considering all the features, benefits, market coverage it is clear that MEAN Stack development has a bright future.

MEAN Stack provides everything a company expects to achieve after incorporating this framework in their web development projects from better performance of the app to the reduction of time and cost.

Likewise, developers don’t need to learn and implement multiple programming languages to develop a multi-layer application, just JavaScript is enough. Stack development services offer a great deal of flexibility and enhance productivity.

In the current competitive arena where each company attempts to thrive and outperform the peers, selecting apt technology for web development will make a major difference as a website is not just a collection of basic pages with codes, they are the reflection of your company, and MEAN Stack is leading the Development herd.