Mobile Apps- The New Frontier Of Media And Entertainment Industry

The trends do not exist to stay for a longer run!

Puzzled? Let’s figure out.

Years back, we glued to the televisions to watch movies, latest score updates of cricket, TV shows and for pretty more things.

And now, the things are completely changed. The dependency on television does not remain. An average Joe don’t need to rush to home to watch the game or catch up the score.

But, the power of mobile applications make all these things available on-the-go. The mobility is re-inventing almost every industry verticals across the globe. Be it healthcare, logistics, education, print media or entertainment.

Mobile Apps- The New Frontier Of Media And Entertainment Industry

The added advantage of the mobility is it’s proven to be a game-changer industry wide and gamifying the processes and solutions.

Imagine, how the results would be when the groundbreaking technology- Mobile introduce gaming element into the media and entertainment industry. It gives bigger competition in Mobile App Development Company , It will be transmogrifying. Isn’t it?

Not to forget, media and entertainment industry is taking the utmost benefit of mobileapps to better reach their customers and engage them.

Understanding the social trend, media sector made a move to publish their content onto mobile platform and make the digital content available at the fingertips.

When it comes to engineering the mobile applications to create amazing experiences, there are following features that you should keep:

– Introduce multimedia element

– Location based services- a must

– Send customized notifications

– Update customers in real-time

– Social Media integration

Well, just defining the imperative features to include in the mobile application won’t bring much success. To seize the mobile opportunity, here are few things media and entertainment industry should consider:

1) Create a unique strategy:

If you are thinking of going mobile, then simply digitizing the traditional strategy won’t work. To be a mobile first, industry has to think from mobile customers’ mindset from the get-go. Optimize the planning before making it an integral of your marketing initiative.

2) Check the context of the content:

Your target audience is already bombarded with lot of ads and they want the ad that’s on-of-a-kind and talking about them. Yes exactly, personalized ads with relevant message and aptly designed compel the customers to view and again re-open it. This is the fundamental thing that must be considered while designing mobile apps’ UI and UX.

3) Take intelligent decisions:

Not using big data and analytics means shooting in the dark. When you don’t know about your audience and what your customers like, you cannot target them efficiently. This is the fact that cannot be denied. Drive better results by analyzing the data and again check how it works with new strategy.

Don’t do any guesswork, and act smartly by measuring and quantifying the result. Taking smart decisions based on intelligent data is a road to provide the right content to right customer segment.

Your mobile roadmap:
In the age of streaming media, mobile app development for entertainment and media industry has become the bare bones. Whether it is music, mobile gaming, TV shows, movies or brand promotion, mobile solution is the best way to extend their reach and make them available to the customers anytime, anywhere.

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