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When we hear ‘PHP’, the first thing that strikes our minds is a language to make our website more appealing. Well, of course PHP web development is one of the booming fields and we have been using PHP to develop websites since quite a long now.

Top Ten Tremendous Uses of PHP

However, we can’t restrict our mind when it comes to PHP, as there are endless possibilities. The language is used for a lot of things. Let us take a look at some of the most important uses of PHP.

1. E-commerce: E-commerce is one of the best uses of PHP. These days, every business irrespective of its size, wants to go online and earn that extra revenue. PHP lets you build eCommerce store from the scratch as well as extends existing eCommerce solutions. The powerful PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, Zen Cart, Shopify and Magento, to name a few helps it to build us such amazing solutions. Magento is PHP’s leading ecommerce framework to build ecommerce website by simply contact to the Magento development agency.

2. Project management tools: A project management tool is one of the most important aspects for any and every business, as every client would appreciate if he is kept up to date with the progress of the work for his project and he would then provide the feedback on the same. There are several project management tools that are available readymade in the market. However, you can also develop one using PHP.

3. Graphical User Interface: Of course there are several languages that can help you make the graphical user interface easily. However, with extensive knowledge of PHP, you can make GUI using the same.

4. Building an online community: You can build a huge online community using PHP frameworks and then solve each other’s product-related issues, answering each other’s technical questions and also provide after sales support.

5. Developing Facebook applications: It is extremely easy to integrate Facebook in your website using PHP.

6. Generating PDF files: It can be surprising for you that you can also use PHP to generate the PDF files.

7. Parsing XML files: As all browsers cannot output XML files content, you can develop a parser in PHP that can help you parse XML files.

8. Mailing lists: You can always write mailing scripts on your own in PHP to keep your clients informed about your products, services or any other news you want them to know.

9. Image processing and generation along with graphs and charts: PHP can contribute in image generation and editing too. It can create images in various formats like JPEG, GIF and PNG, to name a few.  Moreover, it can make thumbnails, crop images, resize them and watermarks too. Apart from that, it can help to make charts and graphs too.

10. Content management systems: Using content management systems is one of the most popular uses of PHP. Some of the most popular CMSs are Drupal development, Joomla development, and wordpress website development, to name a few.

Now that you are aware of some of the best uses of PHP, it is advisable for you to remember the above-mentioned points and make the most out of it. If you need any of these PHP development services, you must hire the best PHP development company. Good luck with that!

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