Tough Decision – To use Symfony2 development or not?

To use a package solution or to develop your website by core coding? Tough decision. Well, Symfony as a framework has been the talk of the town since 2005. It did rise to popularity within a very short time. With striking built in Symfony2 features, it offers a robust platform to build websites and web applications of any complexity.

Symfony2 development

Without too much ado, let’s dive into the top 5 reasons to use Symfony2 framework:

It’s Faster
Symfony2 is known for its speed. Development in Symfony2 is a joy. It is three times faster than the 1.4 version or the zend framework too. Well, it is known to use fewer memory resources too – at least two times less memory. In today’s world where everything needs to be high speed to be good enough, Symfony2 provides for a perfect platform for web developers to work on and provide users with efficient web solutions.

It Provides Unlimited Flexibility
Symfony2 is adaptable to your requirements. You can use the Full Stack version if you need to develop a complex application with much functionality. Brick by brick if you need to build functionalities for you framework and Micro framework if you need to build a specific functionality in some of your other projects without having to re-install the entire framework.

Well, Symfony is distributed under Open Source MIT license and there are no constraints with regards to its modification to build web applications.

It’s Expandable
In Symfony2, everything is presented as a bundle (like plug in) so you can modify and use it in any of your web development projects. Symfony2 development is hence a joy and developers can provide customers with unlimited innovative features. Ease of expanding this framework drives innovation and helps create web wonders!

It’s Stable and Sustainable
Symfony was created by SensioLabs who provide a 3-year support for all major versions. Well, security-related issues have lifelong support too. It is a real comfort to work with.

Ease of Use
Symfony2 is simple, flexible, expandable, sustainable and a real joy to work with. Getting websites developed using this framework provides you with a scalability option so that you can add features as and when you please as and when your business expands. You will not require a lot of rework.

Symfony2 is a fairly recent wave in the web development frameworks area. This modern framework makes development easier and provides a great opportunity for businesses to build their websites with this underlying framework. Making the right choice about the framework to be used is very important from a business perspective. There are so many frameworks out there that offer great features and excellent grounds for building websites, that it is necessary to keep yourself up to date with the features and differences between them. This was an attempt to introduce you to the basic reasons to select Symfony2 as a framework for web development. It greatly depends on the project at hand. Well, make an informed decision!

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