What’s New In WordPress 6.4?

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  • Published On November 1, 2023

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Did you know that 45.8% of all websites use WordPress?

Rapid globalization around the globe has made it important for every business to maintain an effective online presence. As a result, running a functional and navigable website is no longer an option for businesses. 

What's New In WordPress 6.4?

Thankfully, a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress is crucial in helping businesses maintain an effective online presence. 

WordPress As A CMS: What Makes It Unique?

WordPress development services have become increasingly popular due to the platform’s status as a prominent Content Management System (CMS). Renowned for its open-source nature, WordPress has evolved significantly from its origins as a preferred choice for blogging. Today, it is the go-to option for website creation, encompassing a wide range of applications, including the development of eCommerce stores. WordPress boasts a thriving developer community responsible for crafting a staggering 50,000+ plugins, contributing to its robust functionality and versatility. 

As with most other online platforms, even WordPress provides users with regular updates to enhance existing features and functionalities. The WordPress 6.4 update is no exception since it introduces multiple enhancements to help users create and run better websites. 

One of the most noteworthy updates in the WordPress 6.4 version is the introduction of typography management features. But that is just one of many new updates that WordPress has introduced. 

Let’s dive into the nuances of WordPress 6.4 and better understand what’s in it for you.   

What Are The Core Enhancements In The WordPress 6.4 Release?

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WordPress 6.4 has many enhancements, making it an ideal choice for most website owners. So, let’s check out these core updates in WordPress 6.4 individually and understand what it offers.   

A. Performance Improvements

In terms of performance, there have been many updates in the WordPress 6.4 version, making it more user-friendly and navigable for everyone. One of the most notable of those updates is the enhancement of the lazy loading feature of WordPress. 

This has made it much easier for users to optimize and update images that enhance the website’s SEO performance. Here’s an overview of new performance improvements over the upcoming WordPress 6.4 update: 

  • Better script loading pages.
  • No more attachment pages.
  • Improved templates
  • Better caching
  • Modern performance improvements within the existing themes.

Besides, there are also many data optimization enhancements in the WordPress 6.4 version. The latest update makes it much easier for businesses to update and optimize data more effectively. 

This is an important upgrade, considering the growing significance of data in today’s digitized business environment. As a result, it has become easier for businesses to examine their data better and generate valuable insights to facilitate effective decision-making.  

B. Security Enhancements

Security is a significant concern for every business operating online, and the WordPress 6.4 version succeeded in prioritizing the same. The latest updates come with multiple security patches and vulnerability fixes to help people access the internet safely. 

Additionally, the new update also has better toolbars of parents and child blocks to ensure there is no impact from existing vulnerabilities. Here’s an overview of what’s available: 

  • Improved Toolbars for Parent / Child Blocks
  • The Outline / List View Revamped
  • Improved Pattern Management
  • Under-the-hood changes

Another important development in WordPress security is better brute force protection feature enhancements. This acts like a firewall to protect your website from external brute attacks that could lead to detrimental consequences for the website. 

This feature will examine every aspect of the website to determine potential risks and vulnerable factors to address them accordingly.  

C. Accessibility Improvements

Accessibility is another important area when running an online business in today’s fast-paced world. Fortunately, the WordPress 6.4 update has left no stone unturned in terms of enhancing the accessibility of the website. 

For instance, the platform comes with better screen reader support mechanisms to help people easily find different elements on the screen. This also helps enhance the overall efficiency of a given process.   

Other improvements revolve around keyboard navigation in WordPress 6.4. This has helped enhance the overall navigability of keyboards when using the platform for creating a new website or maintaining an existing one. 

As a result, this contributes to a better user experience, helping users easily create optimal websites that reflect their brands in the best light.     

How Can The WordPress 6.4 release enhance User Experience?

How Can The WordPress 6.4 release enhance User Experience?

The WordPress 6.4 version has ensured that all users enjoy an unmatched user experience with all the latest updates. Some of the most notable of these updates in the user experience of WordPress 6.4 include:   

A. Block Editor (Gutenberg) Improvements

The WordPress 6.4 version prioritized enhancing the block editing features. It is important to note that the groundwork for Gutenberg Phase 3 is already underway, focusing more on driving effective collaboration. The latest WordPress 6.4 release will merge with different features of the Gutenberg project to introduce new design elements.    

Besides that, the WordPress 6.4 version also offers many enhancements for better block navigation. For instance, the block hooks feature developers to enable them to use patterns for adding new blocks following the activation. As a result, plugin developers can interact with the block editor and extend blocks without actually touching them. 

B. User Interface (UI) Enhancements

Apart from all block-related updates in the WordPress 6.4 version, many enhancements are associated with the platform’s user interface. These updates play a key role in simplifying and streamlining the overall process of website development and management

Some of the best-known user interface updates in the WordPress 6.4 version include a streamlined admin dashboard. The admin dashboard is one of the most commonly used aspects for people managing and creating websites on WordPress. 

Therefore, it only makes sense that users get an effective admin dashboard that does not complicate things. The latest admin dashboard in the WordPress 6.4 version has addressed many existing issues with the admin dashboard. As a result, users can now easily leverage the benefits of a streamlined admin dashboard to facilitate seamless management.

Besides, the media library is another important tool for effective website management. Conventionally, users face many different issues with the media library in WordPress. However, the latest WordPress 6.4 version has done an excellent job of addressing these issues for good. This latest media library has many enhancements to help users leverage the right media and stand out. 

C. User-Friendly Onboarding

Onboarding is another important issue bugging new WordPress developers looking to get started with the platform. Fortunately, this is another area where WordPress 6.4 has introduced multiple enhancements to make things easier for every WordPress development agency.    

For instance, the WordPress 6.4 version has a new user welcome wizard. This latest wizard has many such enhancements that play an important role in simplifying the overall onboarding process. 

This is not just great for new users but also for existing WordPress users and developers. More importantly, this has lowered the need for advanced technical skills for people to leverage WordPress’s offerings.   

Another significant development in the WordPress 6.4 version is enhanced help and documentation. This enhancement has played an important role in making information more easily accessible. 

This can help developers create the ideal application while leveraging all the platform’s features and functionalities. Besides that, this also ensures developers can resolve all their queries effectively instead of wasting time on finding the right resources. 

What Are The Developer-Focused Updates?

what are the developer focused updates

Developers are one of the greatest priorities for platforms such as WordPress. Unsurprisingly, the latest WordPress version comes with many developers-centric updates. 

These updates are optimally designed to help developers create performant websites with minimal hassle. Some of the best-known developers’-centric updates in the WordPress version include;

A. Developer Tools

The latest WordPress 6.4 version has many updates in developer tools for better performance. However, the latest updated REST API in the WordPress 6.4 version has gained the attention of many. 

This update has made it much easier for developers to leverage external application’s abilities and combine them with WordPress. As a result, it has become easier for developers to integrate with other third-party applications logging into WordPress.   

WordPress hooks are crucial in modifying WordPress without modifying the platform’s core. The latest WordPress 6.4 version can be very effective in helping developers run different functions automatically. 

As a result, it has become much easier to integrate the latest features into the application without interfering with its core features. Besides that, there are also updates in the filter feature, helping developers alter data when executing WordPress plugins, core, and themes.   

B. Theme and Plugin Development

Themes and plugins are two of the most important aspects of WordPress development, as they directly influence the aesthetics and functionality of the website. This is why a reputed WordPress agency will always pay keen attention to WordPress themes and plugins. 

The WordPress 6.4 version has multiple enhancements in this sphere, helping developers facilitate more effective and efficient WordPress development. One of the most notable updates can be seen with WordPress’s intentions to support some of the latest PHP versions. 

The platform has already announced specific parameters for supporting PHP versions 8.0 and 8.1. This is an excellent development in the WordPress 6.4 version since it can help make things more convenient and accessible for developers.   

Another important thing worth noting is that the WordPress 6.4 version has more than just the latest updates. Instead, the platform has also made many changes that alter deprecated features. This is an excellent development, considering WordPress acts on the feedback from its users. Altering these deprecated features and functionalities can be very helpful for developers looking to use WordPress to its full potential.   

C. Customization and Extensibility

Customization and extensibility are two very important aspects of developing websites with WordPress. The latest version, WordPress 6.4, has implemented multiple enhancements to help users leverage better customization and accessibility. 

These enhancements benefit developers since they help them easily implement necessary changes to make the website more performant and navigable. The theme customizer has long been a performant feature in WordPress that helps developers enhance the website’s aesthetic appeal. 

The latest WordPress 6.4 version has many enhancements in the existing theme customizer. These features help developers easily integrate appealing changes to enhance the overall website. Besides that, this also helps websites stand out in the market and win over customers more easily.      

Conventionally, WordPress users had to install external WordPress plugins for managing custom post types. However, this is now changing with the latest enhancements of WordPress 6.4, which offers better support for custom post types. This makes it easier for developers to facilitate better implementation of custom post types. This can also help you drive better engagement on the website and attract more traffic.   

Internationalization and Localization

WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for development. Besides that, the growth of eCommerce in the modern digitized business environment has made WordPress more prevalent. 

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Hence, it is unsurprising that businesses of all scales and natures use WordPress to create performant websites. This includes local and international businesses, making internationalization and localization important for WordPress. 

Fortunately, the WordPress 6.4 version has introduced multiple effective internalization and localization updates. 

A. Translation Enhancements

In certain cases, translation is an important consideration for businesses with a globalized or even national reach. The latest WordPress 6.4 version has successfully introduced many translation management enhancements to help developers realize their goals. 

These enhancements are very important in limiting the implications of language barriers among all relevant stakeholders. Besides that, better translation management is also key to fostering effective collaboration among different stakeholders.  

Another noteworthy development in this sphere is the expanded language support in the WordPress 6.4 version. The platform now offers extensive language support, helping many make the most of its features and functionalities. You can use WordPress to translate hundreds of languages and even seek support.

This is highly beneficial for businesses operating in a globalized business environment. Businesses can leverage these enhancements to provide customers better support and service to foster customer loyalty.  

B. Multilingual Support

Before the release of the WordPress 6.4 version, multilingual plugins were a significant concern for developers on the platform. There needed to be more performant Compatibility with Multilingual Plugins plugins to offer multilingual support to its users. 

However, this is changing for the good with the latest Compatibility with Multilingual Plugins 6.4 version. The platform now offers far better compatibility with different multilingual plugins. This helps developers facilitate seamless WordPress development without any language barriers.    

Unlike most popular languages, such as English, which start from left to right, certain languages start from left to right. Unfortunately, this compatibility was a major concern for developers using older WordPress versions. 

The latest WordPress 6.4 version addresses these concerns with its right-to-left language enhancements. This has helped make things much more convenient for people using WordPress in countries where languages start from left to right. This has also made way for better collaboration among WordPress users based in different locations around the globe.    

Community Contributions

Community is an integral part of WordPress web development, and the extensive community members and reach are one of the primary reasons businesses choose WordPress. These community members play a significant role in making support more accessible and fostering better collaboration. This is also why there is never any shortage of WordPress resources in the market. 

The latest WordPress 6.4 version implements many new features and functionalities that help better acknowledge the input from contributors. This is an excellent development as it helps encourage contributors to increase their input on WordPress. As a result, this helps ensure that all WordPress resources are regularly updated concerning the latest changes.  

Besides, the WordPress 6.4 version has other enhancements to foster better community contribution. Most notably, the WordPress 6.4 version has many feedback and bug-reporting process enhancements in its latest release. This will help WordPress get a direct insight into the feedback of its users. As a result, it will become much easier to report bugs and take necessary actions to fix them appropriately.  

Lastly, the WordPress 6.4 release offers many different types of notes and documentation to familiarize users with the latest updates. This is highly beneficial for users as it helps them easily navigate through the nuances of the latest WordPress version. This can also help users determine new features in the WordPress 6.4 version and use it to their advantage. As a result, it will make it much easier to create performant and feature-rich websites that leave a lasting impression on customers.     


Web development is now one of the most essential tools businesses can use to foster growth and maintain an effective online presence. Creating a website using conventional means can be complex and resource-intensive. However, this will not be the case when using WordPress to create the ideal website for your business. 

But even more interesting is the latest WordPress 6.4 version, with many upgraded features and functionalities to help users get richer experiences. These updates are mainly focused on enhancing collaboration among developers. But besides that, WordPress has also focused on enhancing some existing user interface complications. 

Businesses of all scales and from different industries can leverage these latest updates and create better websites. You can use these features to enhance your website’s functionality and navigability. Besides that, these features can also help enhance your website’s aesthetic appeal to impress customers. So make sure you leverage the services of a reliable WordPress development agency and use WordPress 6.4 version updates to your advantage.        


What are the standout features of WordPress 6.4?

The WordPress 6.4 version has many notable features that include block editor improvements, the ability to manage fonts across the website using font library, block hooks, opening new tabs in link review, integration background images for group blocks, and a better command palette are some of the best features of WordPress 6.4 version.

Is WordPress 6.4 compatible with my current plugins and themes?

The WordPress 6.4 version is set to be launched on the 7th of November, 2023, with many new features and functionalities. However, most experts agree you can still use WordPress 6.4 with existing plugins and themes. But it is still recommended you check out the latest plugins and themes in the WordPress 6.4 version to get the best results.

How can I update my WordPress site to version 6.4?

Updating your WordPress to the 6.4 version is not very challenging, as all you need to do is go to the WordPress admin dashboard and locate the “At a Glance” widget. Then, click the “Update to 6.4” button and “Update Now,” and the website will automatically update itself to the WordPress 6.4 version.

Are there any performance improvements in WordPress 6.4?

There are many different performance updates in the latest WordPress 6.4 version. However, some of the most notable updates include lazy loading enhancements and improvements in database optimization. These updates can be beneficial for developers in terms of optimizing data effectively and uploading high-quality images for better performance.

More about the new Gutenberg editor features in WordPress 6.4.

The Gutenberg editor feature in WordPress 6.4 version includes different aspects of WordPress development. Things like extensive design flexibility, template parts, and specific block patterns are some of the latest Gutenberg editor features in the WordPress 6.4 version. These features are optimally designed for beginners and offer highly intuitive experiences to users. Besides that, this also helps ensure better design flexibility for WordPress users.

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