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Brainvire Steps Into a Mobile Responsive e-Commerce Framework Magento 1.9

“Brainvire enters into the world of trending eCommerce solutions by updating all the extensions to the latest release - Magento CE v1.9 that includes striking features for going responsive, easy checkout with PayPal, Cross Border Consistency and more”

6th June, 2014: Brainvire, a global IT solutions company that provides exemplary as Magento development company worldwide, announced the upgrade of their range of Magento extensions to support the latest release of Magento CE version 1.9. Ecomextension – a Magento extensions marketplace from Brainvire provides eCommerce store owners a gamut of ready to use extensions that they can download and install in order to add usability, value as well as rich features to their store in order to enhance shopping experience for their customers.

Being a Magento Partner, Brainvire can leverage from access to a broad set of resources in Magento design, development and integration to ensure that their extensions and services have world class quality and consistency in order to provide optimum results for customers.

Last month, Magento announced the release of the new version of Magento Community edition 1.9 at the Magento eCommerce conference. The Magento CE 1.9 brings a set of futuristic features to help eCommerce developers and store owners to provide features that drive results. Among-st the most promising new features that differentiate v1.9 from its predecessor v1.8 are:

  • Ability to go responsive in less time and cost
  • Improved payment and checkout process with “bill me later” and “Express Checkout” features integrated from PayPal.
  • Cross Border price consistency for global businesses.
  • Approx. 50 enhancements that greatly improve quality and security.

Brainvire has revamped all the extensions for Magento CE v1.9 compatibility. This includes revenue drivers, social connectors, user experience enhancers, Layout enhancers and admin tools. All extensions are now responsive and can better serve mobile commerce stores too!

Along with a plethora of Magento extensions, Brainvire has also added support to their premier products The E commerce Platform and The Magento mobile store to make them compatible with Magento CE version 1.9.

“Brainvire has always believed in setting the trail for the future with including all that’s new and good into their product range and enabling users to provide their customers with an unparalleled user experience at their online store. Enabling support for all extensions and eCommerce products to the latest Magento CE 1.9 release is one step in this direction. We shall continue to provide our customers with futuristic Magento solutions that bring value to ecommerce businesses globally.” – said the CEO of Brainvire at this occasion.
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