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Brainvire Streamlines the Management of ‘Tithe’ Donations for LDS Church


About Client

Latter Day Saints (LDS) is a spiritual movement started by the missionaries of Lord Jesus Christ in the year 1830. Considered to be the restoration of the original church founded by the Lord, it has over 1 million members globally. The followers pay a ‘tithe’ (10% of their income) to the Church, which is used for social causes. They approached Brainvire to develop a mobile application that can be used by followers to record their income and make the donations accordingly.

Product Idea

Brainvire’s team understood the principles behind the calculation of ‘tithe’ to initiate the development of mobile application. The app helps followers to auto record their income on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and set reminders to contribute on time. They can also track their donations and export the records for taxation purposes. Additionally, there are backup and restore options for app users who have lost their phones or are upgrading to a new phone.

How we did it ?


Registration of Over 1 Million Users

The app has helped over 1 million users manage their income and ‘tithe’ donations.

Managed Donations Worth USD 2 Million

The app has managed donations worth USD 2 Million that have helped the Church with various social initiatives.

Apple In-app Subscription

The app has the latest receipt-based subscription system and users can make a secure payment to unlock the premium functionality.

Filing Tax Returns Made Easy

Users can export their expense sheets easily and use them to file tax returns.

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