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Brainvire Helps Healthcare Hub’s Digital Transformation with Its Profitable Hybrid Model

Brainvire - Build Hybrid model for healthcare

About Client

Founded in 2004, the client has focused on two major challenges of the healthcare industry: access to clinical care and administrative efficiency. Today, the company has developed powerful services and software platforms that have revolutionized how healthcare units see patients. The client is creating a SaaS-based solution based on Microsoft for centrally managing health information and history records.

About Product

Brainvire’s experienced consultants suggested a profitable hybrid model to the client. This resource-sharing model allows healthcare experts to gain knowledge about all the necessary details of their patients. These experts acquire updated information of their patients along with tracking all the records.

How we did it ?


Detailed patient’s medical history

It is difficult for a doctor or any health expert to treat their patient without skimping through their medical history. Every patient has a different medical history and allergies. So, it is important to check and have updated patient history.

Leverage Daily Task Efficiency

The application quickens the appointment process. The patients can directly book an appointment and the model can simplify the process by raising a token for visit with the concerned health expert.

Provides updated patient details

As much as it is important to know the medical background of the patient, the health expert must also have the patient’s updated data with them. The patient’s current demographics and medical history are equally important for a successful treatment. Our designed model helped doctors get all this information in one go.

Allows quick reporting

A quick reporting model allows smooth management. The staff or the experts don’t have to go through a lengthy process of approval in situations of life and death. The smart model can help experts to save time and life.

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