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Mobile App Development
Android 4.2
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About Client

The client is a leading technology solution provider offering time and cost saving software solutions for the needs of the healthcare industry. The company provides efficient medical billing software, charge capture solutions and various other web, cloud, and mobile solutions for the needs of the physicians, hospitals, group practices etc.

Business Challenges

The client required a mobile friendly patient information management system. They wanted an efficient Android application for doctors so that they can effectively manage patients and sessions information via cloud and mobile technologies. They required an efficient solution to simplify their billing processes with CPT and ICD implementation.


Brainvire’s mobile development team built a reliable Android application for doctors so that they can easily retrieve patients’ information through barcode scanning (OCR). The application was developed to allow doctors to internally message and communicate with each other for various professional requirements. As the application was integrated with cloud technology, it allowed the doctors to easily access and manage the patients’ information from almost anywhere and also enabled them to view and manage information about the patient sessions easily. Cross covering a patient or reassigning a patient to other doctors was easily possible through this application.


  • Implementation of the communication via Pubnub messaging
  • OCR implementation for barcode scanning feature
  • Billing of sessions based on CPT and ICD codes
  • Providing instant access to all the patient related information on the web through cloud technology for immediate processing
  • Filtering the data and generating the reports according to user specific requirements
  • Capturing charges instantly at point of treatment and entering the information through audio, video and notes
  • Manage code favorites list and easily find the geographical location of the hospitals as required
  • The application is completely HIPAA compliant including the patient's session information in form of photos, audio etc.


  • Implementation of session billing with appropriate ICD-10 codes
  • Direct mapping of ICD-10 codes from the current ICD-9 codes
  • Implementing secure internal messaging between the doctors, assistants and billers
  • Instant charge capture and access to patient information through cloud technology
  • Developed the HIPAA compliant application

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