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About Client

The client is one of the top 100 most influential people in staffing list that’s issued by staffing industry analysts. He envisioned to connect the people within staffing and recruitment industry around the world, and share the ideas for developing best practices. He boasts to develop many recruitment companies leveraging big data and data science.

Business Challenges

There are a lot of talent acquisition platforms out there in the market, which connect recruiters and job seekers. However, the client wanted to build a platform where recruiters not only connect, but collaboratively source the talent and close more positions effortlessly. This vision made him to teamed up with Brainvire for building a job portal that can be called a “Recruiters’ Best Friend”.


The job seeking portal was engineered with an intuitive interface to disrupt how recruiters work and search the talent. On the website, job seekers can upload the resume and recruiters can source the talent. Also, the website works as central repository for recruiters where they can store the resumes that are scattered at different places like- SkyDrive, Google drive, Dropbox, etc.


  • Recruiters can connect with job seekers using social platform
  • Recruiters can earn the credit for uploading the resume
  • Always display the standard format of the resume
  • Recruiters can broadcast the call to the multiple candidates at once
  • Candidate response can be tracked in an automated fashion
  • Individual emails sent to the job seekers can also be traced
  • Integrated multiple vendors like- Google drive, Cloud, etc.
  • Asynchronous multiple file upload
  • Leveraged React JS with Flux architecture to design UI
  • Send and receive emails within from application
  • Boolean Search for candidate searching and profile matching
  • Cloud hosting and storage was used for scalable architecture


  • The client wanted us to create a solution where the state of the art resumes of different format will be accepted, understood by the system and can be converted into a standard format. The team did the research and then introduced the patented resume barter system with which the uploaded resume in any format will be showcased to all in standard format only.
  • Uploading the resumes in thousands at once is not a breeze. The solution is developed in Node.JS which enabled asynchronous multiple file upload, thus the staffing companies can upload the resumes in bulks seamlessly.
  • To enable recruiters find the suitable profiles after making many attributes comparison and obtain the results from the big data at speed, Elastic search was implemented.


  • Recruiters can source the talent easily and quickly
  • Earn credit motivate the recruiters to upload more resume
  • Broadcasting job vacancy saves a lot of time and efforts
  • Email tracking provide ease in tracing candidate response