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CRM Implementation To Manage Multidivisional Enterprise Processes


About Client

The client is a UAE - based multidivisional conglomerate with 27 companies. The group has a range of diverse product and business interests that predominantly include retail, construction, industrial and joint ventures with an active presence throughout the globe.

About Product

For a better management of business processes and streamlined the operations, the client wanted to implement CRM to manage two different business ventures that involve commercial furnishing solution provider as well as leading appliances and accessories store. The solution facilitated sales process, quote process, and project management with respect to specific business requirement linked to any of the two entities. CRM focuses on current and potential customers by various procedures, strategies, and analysis. It ultimately focuses on business growth by establishing a robust customer base and customer retention strategy.

How we did it ?


Separated Business Module Managed by Single Platform

With the modular approach, distinguish, and accurate modules of two different business segments are efficiently managed through a single platform.

Streamlined Business Processes

Due to efficient CRM implementation, all transactions, requirements, and customer interactions are managed well.

Efficient Order Automation

Tracking of end-to-end order processing and automated task resulted in increased order and sales

Amplified Revenue Generation

With an identification of prospective customers and simplified business processes, business opportunities have increased and thereby improved ROI.

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