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Brainvire Develops a Bespoke Platform to Book Recreational Activities

Brainvire - custom application for recreational activities

About Client

The client works as a niche segment of the industry that caters to vacation goers and adventurous sports seekers. The client wants to offer their visitors a memorable and seamless experience. They also aim to unify all such recreational business properties across geographies. The client aims to offer a convenient platform to book recreational activities.

About Product

The client needed a reliable IT source to help them create a unified platform to make bookings for recreational activities. For this unique program, Brainvire’s team brilliantly worked on the backend system. A single application allowed a smooth backend process and proper management of multiple adventurous properties. Brainvire successfully provided a customized bespoke solution considering varied aspects of the client.

How we did it ?


A high-performing application

The client wanted a high-performing application for their services. Brainvire’s team took note of this requirement and offered a fully optimized customer-friendly application.

One-application for multiple locations

The application can easily book trips for all the partnered locations. This means customers can don’t have to visit multiple applications to book their trip.

Asset management

With multiple trips across different locations, it became tricky for the client to keep track of all the rental assets. Brainvire’s experts designed a customized booking calendar in the application. This calendar provided all the necessary details of the customers and the rental assets allocated to them.

Customized contract format

The experts at Brainvire provided a customized contract format in the application. This feature allowed the client to submit contracts as per the customer’s trip and the norms of the given state. The contract also mentioned all the mandatory details with multiple task structures.

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