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.Net Framework 4.0
Web and Mobile

About Product

The product is a customized solution for a carousel view of a browser and for a protection from the content piracy.

Business Challenges

The client required a carousel view (swipe view) of a browser with multiple sessions in a single window. The browser should be able to deactivate the address bar and default tabbed browser. Then it should launch its own tabbed browser.Client wanted something that wouldn’t allow content copying.


The brainvire team adopted complex and dynamic internal architecture and came up with user-friendly GUI.The high amount of research and analysis were involved in fetching the business logic related data.Auto-registering toolbar with fast performance installer took a birth in the e-commerce market.


  • A user- friendly GUI with auto registering toolbar facility
  • Customized browser with a carousel view
  • Multiple browsing session in a single window
  • Deactivation of address bar and default tabbed browser
  • Own tabbed browser with browsing window
  • Disabling of right click to prevent content copy.
  • Protection against malware and spyware attacks.
  • Move back-forth controls, bookmark creation, stop loading and reloading.
  • Easy switching from Firefox to personalized browser


  • Seamless GUI experience makes the user happy and by thus productivity is increased.
  • Own tabbed browser turns the system into more secure and confident application.
  • Easy installations and many add-ons made the browsing experience powerful.
  • Content piracy stopped.
  • The system was expected to run on Firefox only but the solution runs on all known browsers.