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Application Development

About Client

Client owns the largest multimedia company in Las Vegas, which is well-known for its premier quality photography and cinematography services. The company provides the most vivid range of digital photography and cinematic services which include photography services for special events, amusement, commercial, retail, wedding etc. Being a thought leader in trade of photography, the company constantly strives to bring up a few new and better methods of capturing and delivering imagery in the best of its form.

Business Challenges

Amidst of the advancing technologies, image creation and printing has come up as a huge challenge for the photographers who need a fully automated solution to get rid of this problem. The client wanted to develop an automated and user-friendly application that makes composing and printing of images very easy task. The client wants to provide the world-class photography composing services to offer best user experiences to the photographers. They wanted to develop a user-friendly application which makes the process of image creation and printing more transparent and convenient for the users.


As an answer to the requirements of the client, Brainvire’s development team came up with a bespoke, window based desktop application with high end features like green background removal, apply backgrounds, foregrounds, objects, with easy to use and editing composition panel. A user-friendly application was developed with the best in class image editing feature to enhance the customer experience. It was integrated with the feature that allows users to conduct search through thousands of the images and, different packages and customize the images.


  • Barcode based session management
  • Barcode reading through images
  • Dedicated Image Gallery to select images
  • Best in class image composition panel
  • Automatic green background remove feature
  • Apply backgrounds, foregrounds, objects
  • Zoom In/Out, Rotate, Adjust brightness, contrast, flip images controls on the composition panel
  • Apply different print layout
  • Saving composed images for future use


  • Creating and printing world-class images is a hassle-free task
  • Composing customized images with desired backgrounds, foregrounds, objects etc. is an easy task than ever
  • Hassle-free image management