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About Client

The client is a foreign exchange dealer in Mauritius licensed to carry out currency exchange business. They are a money transfer services company helping individuals and businesses all over the world to transfer money seamlessly and safely, from and to any part of the world.

Business Challenges

The client had multiple offices across Mauritius. All the currency exchange transactions at a branch were carried out at a TILL counter, which was inter-connected with a Master-TILL. Master-TILL was centrally accessible and connected with all the local TILL counters at every branch office. All the master data related to all currency exchange transactions was maintained and accessed from this Master-TILL account.

Every branch’s overall earnings and its total amount were managed by the manager at every branch office. There were cashiers who were responsible for helping the clients with their currency exchange requirements. At the TILL, all the branch level data was maintained including the currency input/output data, the data about total amount available in the branch at a particular period of time and much more. All the amount in the branch was managed from here like depositing the excess amount into the bank and borrowing it from the bank, in case it was less. The client did not have an efficient system to record and manage all this branch level data.

Hence, they required a centralized system which helps them manage all the currency conversion transactions, maintain the transactional and financial data across all its branches at a single place for efficient management and easy and quick access. They wanted a software where they can maintain both the branch level data and central level data about transactions, currency input/output, total amount available, amount deposited in Bank, borrowed from the bank and various other things efficiently.

They wanted to add efficiency to their client serving process and hence, required a system which can automatically do currency conversions as per the latest currency rates and provide final report after calculating commissions at back end.


Brainvire team had put its best efforts to develop a reliable web application that can help the client to efficiently manage the actual process of currency conversion transactions management across the entire organization. The application was designed for the use of managers, cashiers etc., and was divided into various accounts as below.

  • Admin: Admin users create roles and grant access to every user in the system. They also track and report activity done throughout the system.
  • Manager: Managers track the available currency and total transaction done in a day. The manager is responsible for creating an opening balance with each cashier, as in managers allot currency to each cashier for transaction processing.
  • Cashier: Cashiers are the users that actually record transactions in the system and deal with customers. They share records with the manager at the end of the day. They are responsible for closure activity of each day.
  • Master-Till account: This account maintains the record of total collected currency. It also maintains the master record of branch’s overall earning.
  • Swift bank account: The application allows converting Travel cheques directly into the currency. Customers can demand Bank to bank currency transfer. This is handled by Swift bank.
  • Suspense account: While daily closure, cashier checks the account. If there is any erroneous transaction, it is put under suspense account and is rectified.

The application was designed with ad-hoc reporting capability to quickly access currency positions at any time, convert any currency to MUR as per the latest currency price, calculating currency purchase value by automatically deducting the commission at the backend and generate an appropriate report. The application could also generate online reports with the compliance of the Central Bank and the reporting flow chart was used to show profit and loss charts.


  • Converting a currency into various types of currencies at the same time.
  • Transferring currencies via. Swift account by applying complex calculation and deducting commission behind the transactions.
  • Finding average value of the currency purchase (ad-hoc style).
  • To work on reconciliation module considering current business process.


  • The application was developed exactly as the clients’ requirements. It was designed to provide centralized access to multiple users with ease of access and data management across all the branches of the organization. The user experience and personalization factors were given more importance and implemented with customizable viewing options.
  • The safety of the data was a high priority and hence, high level application data integrity was ensured through user-specific data access control feature.


  • Time and efforts for currency conversion transactions are greatly saved as done through automated system
  • Efficient management of the branch-level data across all the branches in the entire organization
  • Improved profits with better and easy reporting system