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Smart Digital Crowdfunding Solution Raises More than USD 50 million For Nobel Causes


About Client

Based in Indonesia, the client is a young entrepreneur who wants to adopt a digital approach for fundraising. Several difficulties are encountered by a common person when funds have to be raised for a noble cause like weddings, social gatherings, etc. The supporters, on the other hand, are not willing to donate huge amounts due to security concerns. Brainvire’s expertise in developing scalable and secure platforms for such ventures attracted the attention of the client. Thus, he approached Brainvire with the intention to craft a secure crowdfunding platform that will eliminate the hassles in the crowdfunding process and make it transparent.

About Product

The process of fundraising has many roadblocks associated with it and the client wanted to solve them digitally. The team of Brainvire ideated a mobile app (Android + iOS) along with a web portal for streamlining the crowdfunding process and making it secure. Personalized e-card invites, customizable user dashboard, campaign creation are the USPs of this solution.

How we did it ?


Fundraising Process Made Easy

The users in need can raise sufficient funds for their requirements in a systematic way.

Secure Financial Transactions

Users can raise and collect funds by means of an exclusive digital wallet and the payments will also be processed faster.

10,000+ Campaigns Managed by this System

The robust system has managed more than 10,000 campaigns in a systematic manner.

Over 10 Million eCard Invites Sent Successfully

The users have used the in-built system for sending personalized eCard invites to their close contacts.

Client Testimonials

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