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About Client

The client owns a flagship company that’s into the infrastructure development, procurement and construction, and has powered infrastructure development in over 61 nations across the globe.
The company with four tower testing stations has the ability to test the towers of up to 1,200 KV and has provided the services to various industry verticals such as railways, cables, power transmission & distribution water & renewables.
The company promotes multi-cultural work environment where the pool of resources is from diverse cultures and multi-lingual.

Business Challenges

The workforce in the company is from diverse culture, community and country, so communication among all of them was difficult.

There was no digital solution or online portal available with which dispersed workforces can be better informed, connected and communicated over a single internet connection.

The tech savvy client came up with an idea to connect its workforce for better collaboration and improve communication through intranet application.


A DNN portal was built that will be a single point of communication for the entire workforce. The company can share the goals, important activities, and achievements by sending messages to the specific or all employees.
Brainvire team suggested the client to build a DNN portal that’s cost-effective and makes the workforce to take an interest in using the application.


  • Appealing dashboard display the news and announcements to the employees
  • Blogs/articles provide updated information about the new technology/trend
  • On discussion board, employees can discuss about the respective projects
  • The images, video or audio of the company events can be viewed from the gallery
  • Employees can wish and send birthday greetings to each other
  • Day-to-day tasks are assigned to the employees
  • Employees can chat one-to-one with direct messaging
  • The information can be disseminated to the employees in real-time
  • Surveys are conducted to gather employees’ feedback
  • Employees can check company policies, leave policies, benefits, entitlements, salary slips and more


  • Workforce can get the information in real-time
  • Communication is improved
  • Employees can better collaborate in the project they are working on
  • Responsive UI enhances the employees’ experience
  • No external user is allowed to use the application