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About Client

Since 1992, the client is providing the technology solutions that combat with the malware and the threats that may put a hole in the computer’s security across the globe. The software is helping from leading companies to the individuals by authenticating, validating and securing the information. The software boasts to have over 50 million desktop security software installations and 36% market share leadership.

Business Challenges

The client is in the security software business where the software scans the PC and check if there is any threat to the PC with the installed applications to help the businesses with security concerns. The client has analyzed that the organizations or individuals also struggle with the slow performance of the PC and that’s due to the storage of the unnecessary files, cookies, Windows registry, application paths, and browser history in the PC.
The client wanted us to develop a PC cleaning software that enhances the speed, stability, and performance of the Windows PC. To sell the software online, he also wanted the Brainvire team to develop the website.


The PC cleaning software was developed that automatically scan the PC based on the user defined scan rules, and then clean the windows registry, shared DLLs, disk space and browser history from the computer. The license key architecture was created so that only validated users can buy and use the software, else no one. The intuitive web application was engineered to enhance the software visibility and sell the PC cleaning software online.


  • Organizations have to buy the licenses for software to use
  • License key renewal after a year
  • After registration, users can define the custom path for files and set up the cleaning
  • Allow users to decide what data they want to keep and what not
  • The internet files, passwords, configuration files, restore points and remnants of files can be removed
  • Display the stats for the folders removed or pending for removal
  • The path set can be deleted once the files or folders are cleaned
  • The startup applications can be disabled which are not needed during PC booting


The software development brings a lot of challenges on the top of the table that were in the collection of Windows scanner registry database, scanner signature and windows scanner disk scan rules, and in making the app support multiple Windows service pack. The proficient team overcame the problem by manually testing the software on various Windows systems.


  • Improve the PC security and privacy
  • Make the PC stable and work smoothly
  • Improve the disk space by removing the unnecessary clutter
  • Clean up the information that’s not required
  • Make the hard disk space free from the junk of deleted files
  • License key architecture builds the trust