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About Client

The client is a pioneer systems integration provider and consulting firm that offers a range of MDM, CRM, EAI, SaaS and BI business application integration services tailored to the business requirements. The company is committed to help the businesses of various industry verticals to achieve their goal, leveraging the extensive experience and technical expertise, and by working collaboratively with them.
To bolster the business processes, custom enterprise application integration and business process management solutions are provided to empower the performance and productivity alongside reducing the total cost of ownership.

Business Challenges

The leading company that engineers the enterprise level applications, don’t have any centralized system in place that enable the hassle-free management of the various projects the employees are working on.
It was quite cumbersome and time-consuming work to keep a record of the tasks allocated to the employees, check the progress of the assigned tasks, and manage the various emails and attached documents.
Also, sometimes, the emails are overlooked due to which the project suffers and not completed before the deadline. Besides, no report generation for the time and expenses incurred in the project knock out the company to assess the work done, find out the loopholes and opportunities to make the results better.
The client wanted to resolve all the challenges with a project management system that includes task scheduling, resource assignment, project progress tracking, report generation and project management. They turn to Brainvire to build the Sharepoint portal that aid in streamlining the processes and ease the management.


The project management solution is developed using SharePoint where different users and user roles are defined for the best management of the projects and handling of various requests.
The timesheet module is built and managed where employees can fill in for how long they have worked for the project, as opposed to the estimated time, and submit the same to the managers for approval. With expense management module, the expense of various categories can be tracked and managed.
Various reports including the weekly timesheet report, monthly timesheet report, timesheet for a specific duration, overall resource utilization report, project-wise resource utilization report and expense report are generated, which were developed in SQL Server Reporting Services.


  • Different projects creation and resource assignment
  • Work allocation to the employees against time consideration
  • Employees can list and view the project tasks and issues
  • Managers can check whether planned activities are completed on schedule or not
  • Identify the work done is meeting the requirement and quality standards
  • Timesheet displays the time and efforts involved in the projects
  • An email is sent, if employees forget to fill the timesheet
  • Employee timesheet can be accepted/rejected by the managers
  • The expense claimed by the employees can be accepted/rejected with a reason
  • The requests are properly tracked and approved/disapproved with email update


  • A clear and achievable objective and strategy can be defined
  • Centralize management of the projects, resources and reporting
  • Tracking of the project progress becomes handy
  • Improve the on-going work transparency
  • Analyzing employees’ performance becomes a breeze
  • The automated process saves a lot of time and efforts
  • Reports help in taking proactive decision to reduce the chances of delayed deliverables