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Driving Search Traffic To An Informative Website In No Time

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About Client


The client’s website is an open communications and information sharing platform that allows doctors, scientists, engineers to network and stay abreast with the latest innovations and newsfeeds in their area of work. Rather than having to dig out information from a hundred different resources or having to search all over the internet, this website presents users with a unique approach by making information available and open for sharing.

This website is about learning, about teaching and about communication between industry experts as well as learners who are researching on any topic. The availability of information and its easy access has made this website a go-to place for information hunters. Communities of technical professionals who can exchange ideas freely using a public platform is the core idea of building this website.

Client Requirement

It’s a massive website with a large number of pages that include around 20000 Press Releases, 5000 Slides and 4000 Presentations already uploaded. Digital Marketing strategies needed to be diverse and needed to be well planned. Search engine rankings, Alexa rankings and social media visibility needed a boost and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) both On-Page and Off-Page had to be executed to give the website a greater exposure on the internet. Along with these, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing and display marketing needed to be planned and targeted to the right audience to gain maximum benefits.

  • Increasing the number of website members – free and paid.
  • Increasing the reputation of the website on Alexa Rankings.
  • Increasing Social Media Visibility.
  • Improving Search Rankings.
  • Gaining quality backlinks.
  • Display Marketing
  • On page activities to optimize the website’s content and HTML.
  • Email Marketing to improve direct interactions
  • Content Marketing through articles, press releases, blog postings etc.
  • Off page activities to create a greater internet presence and improve rankings.
  • Video Marketing


  • A massive site with a large number of pages required strategic planning for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Alexa Reputation: Alexa Rankings for the website was at 80000 which needed to be lowered.
  • Social Media Visibility: Targeted Social Media promotions needed to be planned.
  • Website Visitors: Increase in number of users availing either free or paid membership of the site.
  • Making the site as SEO friendly as possible with proper planning of On-page and Off-page SEO activities.
  • Backlinks: quality backlinks for the website required.
  • Increasing Search Engine Visitors and referal visitors.
  • Handling of irrelevant data uploads by some users.
  • Targeting the right content websites for content marketing, display marketing and video marketing.


Project Manager 1
Project Leader 1
Designers 3
Content Writer 2
Quality Assurance Tester 1
Data Researcher 1


A diverse Digital marketing strategy that included SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and other Internet Marketing strategies like Content Marketing, Display marketing and video marketing were used.

Taking into consideration the massive structure of the website, planning for the following activities were carried out:

Search Engine Optimization – On-Page Plan
  • Met tags such as Title Tags and Description Tags with appropriate keywords added.
  • Image Optimization was done for all the images on the website
  • H1 to H6 tags optimization
  • Indexing – URLs were re-written in a SEO friendly manner and updated to the website.
  • Resubmitting the newly created URLs to the index was then necessary.
  • Redirections: The old URLs needed a 303 Redirect to create a better user experience and avoid broken links on the site.
  • Hard and soft 404 solution was implemented to keep the site safe from irrelevant data and maintain the site’s concept intact.
Search Engine Optimization – Off-Page Plan

Off-Page optimizations require continuous and persistant efforts to maintain the achieved status. The following activities were planned for Off Page Optimization

  • Directory submission and local directory submissions were carried out to all the popular web
  • directories to increase citations.
  • Social bookmarking on the top most bookmarking websites
  • CSS submission and Search Engine Submission was also planned
Social Media Marketing
  • Live Interactions were maintained on all the social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+,Pinterest, Twitter etc.
  • Going one step further, Paid Marketing via Stumpleupon was also done.
  • Special APIs were used to automatically submit links to Onlywire and Hootsuite.
  • Use of other popular social media platforms like, scoop, tumbler gave a further boost to the online visibility of this site.
Content Marketing
  • Writing rich content in a well optimized format.
  • Selecting high PR sites to distribute articles and Press Releases
  • Writing blogs of high quality and publishing them to relevant sites

Other Digital marketing strategies such as Video Marketing and display marketing were also included in the planning process.

Achievements Highlights

After implementation of the strategic marketing plan, the website saw a great improvement in terms of rankings, visibility, and membership and over all Digital Marketing results were as follows:

  • A striking boost in rankings from where the project started was seen.
  • Overall free and paid membership of the website also saw a rise
  • The number of contributors to the website increased from 3000 to about 15000.
  • The website saw a increase in backlinks too. Beginning with 12, the website now has 48 quality backlinks
  • Alexa reputation saw really stunning results. From a ranking of above 80000, the website moved up the scale to below 50000 (32760 precisely)
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