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About product

The product is a school’s online communication portal for students, teachers, parents, school coordinators and central administrators.

Business Challenges

The client required developing an online publishing tool, which can be used by central administrators, school coordinators, individual teachers, and students. The main objective to create this website was to centralise the school administration across the globe and enable its smooth functioning. The project consists of five levels of access: Admin, Classroom teacher, coordinator, teacher and students. The client further asked for the students’ project feature and incorporation of the project tools.


With sound knowledge in.Net Framework, the Brainvire team developed highly secure and scalable solution within 9 months of the span. The Adobe FLEX integration with.Net framework and also a project wizard were implemented for ease of a project work. The messaging channel between all the people of the school with the judicious use of HTML and CSS controls. Integration of ‘Coppa’ feature was the crucial challenge tackled by developers.


  • Integration of ADOBE FLEX as a tool to enable students to create project pages
  • An admin panel to manage schools and coordinators
  • An internal messaging system to enable communication between central administrator, coordinators, teachers and students
  • Functionality for students to create and manage their own ‘avatars’
  • Facilitating export of school ‘excel’ sheets
  • Integrating a book-making application
  • Creating a Project Wizard
  • Generating PDF for final project
  • Exporting search list to PDF
  • Incorporation of “Coppa” functionality to inform about student’s progress to parents
  • Parents can receive/reply/compose a mail and can review student’s progress in the project


  • The dashboard and messaging system have provided an ease and smoothness to work. Effective meetings are carried out now without wasting human hours and energy.
  • Adobe tool and a project wizard have enabled the students to create their own ‘avatar’. Thereby their creativity can be improved and increased.
  • Student’s progress status intimation to parents resulted in transparency and more trustworthiness with the school.
  • The administration panel gives the system flow overview to the school administrators.
  • Secure and safe web application has resulted in the improved productivity and scalability.