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Education Publishing and Management System

Categories : All, Education

Client Requirement


Client required developing an online publishing tool, which can be used by central administrators,school coordinators, individual teachers, and students. The main objective to create this website was to centralize the school administration across the globe and enable its smooth functioning. The project consists of five levels of access: Admin, Classroom teacher, coordinator, teacher and students. Some important features included are as follows

  • Using ADOBE FLEX as a tool that enables students to create project pages
  • Creating an admin panel to manage schools and coordinators
  • Creating an internal messaging system to enable communication between central administrator, coordinators, teachers and students
  • Allowing students to create and manage their own ‘avatars’
  • Facilitating export of school ‘excel’ sheets
  • Integrating a book-making application
  • Creating a Project Wizard
  • Generating PDF for final project
  • Exporting search list to PDF
  • Including “Coppa” functionality to inform about student’s progress to parents
  • Parents can receive/reply/compose a mail and can review student’s progress in the project

Project Challenges

Some of the challenges faced during the project are as follows:
  • Integrating Adobe FLEX with .NET Framework
  • Generating PDF files
  • Creating an Auto-run application, which runs after a specified time to generate PDFs for completed projects
  • Creating a Project Wizard is a heart of the system

Technologies Used

.NET Framework .Net framework allows language interoperability and offers common language runtime engine (CLR). Allows managing database relationship.
SQL Server 2008 Microsoft SQL Server is a relational model database server produced by Microsoft. Its primary query languages are T-SQL and ANSI SQL.
Adobe Flex Flex is a highly productive, free, open source framework for building expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems.
Windows server 2008 It delivers powerful functionality that adds real value by simplifying business operations and improving efficiency.
Tools Photoshop and SVN


Project Leader 1
Developers 1
Designers 1
Quality Assurance Testers 1


The Project comprises the following five phases:
  • Phase 1: Requirements—Gathering & Analysis.
  • Phase 2: Development Server Setup—Development server done with proper installation of required software.
  • Phase 3: Web Application—Formation of a new web application using central administration.
  • Phase 4: Development of various modules with proper access and customization of a webpart.
  • Phase 5: Production Server Setup – Production Sever done with proper installation of required application.


Keeping in mind the structure of the website and the challenges involved, n-tier architecture was adopted with all the layers loosely coupled with each other, as follows:
  • Presentation Specific Layer: This includes the page level layer which will be accessing the other layers beneath to present the data.
  • Business Specific Layer: This act as a bridge between the presentation layer and database layer. This will contain all the business logic for the different components involved in the project.
  • Database Specific Layer: This acts as a bridge between the physical database and the business logic accessing the data.
  • Physical Database Layer: SQL SERVER 2008 with the tables, view and stored procedures etc.

Development Highlights

Privacy and security of the content was given utmost importance. Use of database dumping
architecture played a vital role in the project. Stored procedures were used to handle complex queries and data retrieval from various tables. Optimized query features offered comprehensive search & browse options. Code review was performed every month to make sure the proper functioning of the system. Constant updates were sent to client for them to keep track of the project progress. Every required change was catered to, for complete client satisfaction. The entire framework was kept highly scalable in order to provide quicker transition to market needs for incorporating new features. Web usability guidelines were strictly followed during development and the interface was made easily navigable through judicious use of CSS and HTML controls. The site was developed and fully functional within a span of 9 months.

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