Some Ecommerce Website Mistakes To Avoid

To effectively sell your products and services online, ecommerce website development can help you to market them across the world in the least possible time. The ecommerce website should be appealing to the online visitors and simple to use. The retailers want their ecommerce website to flow so that it easily guides the visitors through the entire sales and check-out process.
In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the major pitfalls to avoid while designing and developing an ecommerce website.
Too Many Fonts and Colors: Make use of two or three fonts and colors per web page. A distracting design may not compliment the products and could confuse the visitors.

  • Inadequate Photos: Poor products photos or photos that do not allow the users the ability to enlarge the image are not at all acceptable on an ecommerce website. Seeing a tiny detail or assessing a texture will give the online visitors the confidence to place an order online.
  • No Contact Information: Offer your online visitors multiple ways to connect to you. The retailers should display contact information, fax number, email or contact form and store location.
  • Slow Loading Pages: An ecommerce website with too many products and larger images should be beware of slow loading pages. Shared hosting can slow a server and give a impression of unprofessional ecommerce site.
  • No Search Function: Being able to thoroughly search the site is a fundamental component of the visitors experience.
  • Outdated Information: To continuously attract the online visitors, adding latest information like news, product information etc. will keep the visitors glued to your site. Make sure to delete the irrelevant outdated information and remove the broken links.
  • Browser Incompatibility: The retailers might loose potential customers if there web pages are not compatible with the browser they are using.
  • Sitemap: Always create a sitemap to compile all the web pages and be sure to link to the sitemap from every page in the store.
  • Graphics-Only Pages: The search engines understand text and not graphics. If your website contains lot of graphics but less text it is unlikely to get high placement in the search engines.

An ecommerce website is the most crucial part of your online image and should reflect high standards as your retail shop. There are many mistakes the amateur website designers and developers make while developing an ecommerce website. The time spent on learning how to design and develop a website could cost you more than hiring a professional and experienced ecommerce website development company to design and develop your store’s online presence. Have more to share. Then leave your replies in the comment box below…!

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