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Effective And SEO Friendly Drupal Development Services

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Drupal is a very popular tool for building dynamic and robust websites equipped with high-end features. Written in PHP and supported by MYSQL database, Drupal is suitable for small, medium and large sized enterprises. Drupal is embraced by all type of businesses and Drupal Development India enables development of websites that are SEO friendly and easily read by the search engines for crawling and indexing. For a successful business or an online marketing campaign having an SEO friendly website is very essential.

Drupal Development India

For a static website it is very easy to apply SEO techniques but for a dynamic website it is very difficult and challenging. The content management system gives full control over the content and allows easy modification of the content. Drupal is rich in this feature and provides a SEO friendly CMS. The Drupal development companies can assist you in designing and developing a SEO friendly website. Below are some of the examples of SEO features in Drupal development.

SEO friendly URLs in Drupal Web Development

Drupal development provides a complete control over the URL structure of your website. All the web pages are divided into nodes and for every web page there includes  a URL node which allows the Drupal developers to create SEO friendly URL for each node. This customized URL option makes Drupal Development different from other CMSes available in the market.

Drupal SEO Modules

There are numerous Drupal SEO modules which can easily optimize a web page. Here is the list which the SEO modules can easily perform tasks such as:

  • Title tags and meta tags placement
  • Global URL redirect
  • XML sitemap creation
  • Menu attributes management
  • Google Analytics and robots.txt file  placement
  • Content optimization
  • Custom breadcrumbs creation

Ease to use and update

Drupal development enables web pages easy to use and update. With the help of customized CMS, the website owner can easily add, edit and manage the product and services information. This does not require the website owner to possess any technical knowledge on Drupal. Drupal CMS is highly reliable and secure thus allowing the business owner to easily manage the content on the site.

Easy to crawl by the search engines

Drupal development enables every website to crawl easily in the search engines. The Drupal developers can make use of the numerous SEO modules and make the site more SEO friendly with the use of effective SEO tags, URLs and content.

To conclude, these are just some of the many features which makes the website owners, developers and the Drupal development companies favour Drupal CMS development over other CMS. The multiple features and ease of use makes Drupal a unique CMS. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for Drupal Development Services…!


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