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About Client

Brainvire is a complete web solutions company with excellence in mobile game application development. The company’s proficient app developers are thorough craftsmen who can convert imaginations into beautiful realities through their impeccable mobile game design and development skills. As a result, company owns to its credit some of the best mobile game applications in Android and iOS app stores that have gathered maximum downloads in a short duration. The enthralling gaming apps of Brainvire are designed for compatibility across different devices, convenience and thorough entertainment.

Business Challenges

There are a lot of games in the market to help individuals to boost up their concentration, speed and spontaneity. But, a game with a simple concept and which can be entertaining as well as easy to play for the users of all ages is very rare to find. Brainvire wanted to come up with such a gaming application to enthrall adults as well as kids.


It was the imagination, skills and expertise of Brainvire’s expert game app developers that lead to the innovation of ‘Crazy Wheel’, a mobile gaming app that revolves around a colorful concept of tapping the screen when the arrow of changing color points to the same color in the circle around it. As soon as the user starts the game, the arrow rotates. It moves in both clockwise as well as anticlockwise directions as the user taps onto the screen in order to match the arrow with the correct color. Every time the user taps the correct color match, he/she is rewarded with points and this starts building up his/her score. Users can adjust the speed of rotation of the arrow to slow, medium of faster pace according to their convenience. As the game advances, the speed automatically increases and game gets complicated at every stage. It sounds like a simple concept but leaves the user thoroughly enthralled with much more excitement to play it again and again.


  • Game works on three modes (easy, medium and hard) for speed adjustment according to the convenience of the player
  • Players can view their scores and highest scores till now on the main dashboard of the game
  • A multilingual game that comes in English, Dutch and Simplified Chinese languages
  • A mobile game is designed for compatibility with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Players can share their scores with friends, family and relatives through social media sharing options
  • Players get many chances to play the game again and again
  • Players can enjoy playing the game with or without the background music


  • Making the gaming application compatible to all the Android and iPhone devices so that it works well with different device UI and resolutions
  • Native iPhone game development with Spite kit iOS framework


  • Game improves concentration, speed and spontaneity for adults
  • An easy game that teaches color coordination to the kids
  • Scores encourage players to play more and more to beat their competitors on the leader board
  • Sharing scores on social networks
  • Easy mode navigation for adjusting the speed of the game as per player convenience