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An Enterprise eLearning Platform Helps a Fortune 500 Company Upgrade the Skills of Nearly 5000 Employees

Brainvire - Enterprise eLearning Platform for Fortune 500 Company

About Client

Established in 1988, the client is a well-known name in converged fiber and wireless networks. Their expertise ranges from optical fiber and cables to hyper-scale network design. With 271 patents and counting, it partners with global telecom companies and citizen networks to design, deploy, and manage multiple cloud-native software networks.

Product Idea

To push its exponential growth curve further, the client wanted Brainvire to develop a high-end eLearning solution, which can be used to enhance the skills of the tech community. Brainvire’s consultants ideated and developed an in-house training academy that can host live webinars and podcasts related to diverse technical skills. The platform helps individuals to work on other key areas, such as communication, lateral thinking, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

Users can enroll for course-wise tests and get a certificate of achievement on completing the tests successfully. These certificates can be verified using QR codes. There will be two user groups who can take advantage of this initiative: internal and external. External employees can access premium courses at a nominal lifetime fee.

How we did it ?


45% Improvement in Employee Productivity

Employees can work on complicated projects faster and more efficiently.

Company’s Bottom Line Increased by Nearly 32%

As the employees are equipped with the latest technical know-how, they can meet project deadlines easily without compromising the work quality. This helps in generating better revenue for the company. On the other hand, students can also benefit tremendously from this platform.

Affordable LMS eCommerce Solution

Apart from in-house employees, the client can also impart quality training to external candidates on a chargeable basis.

Learn On the Go!

The mobile app will enable employees to access the courses anytime, anywhere.

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