Express.JS – An Ideal Node.JS Framework to Develop Enterprise Web Applications

Express is a Node.JS based JavaScript framework that is a part of the renowned JavaScript software stack called the MEAN stack development. Just like all other components of MEAN, Express.js also enables development on both the server-side as well as the client-side. This, however, is a minimalist server framework for Node.js that allows for the best development of server-side and networking applications and hence, can be the right option for enterprise application development.

When you talk about enterprise applications, Express.JS development enables to create innovative and user-friendly applications really fast. It reduces the development time and efforts of the developers and therefore, cuts out the time to market for the applications. Hence, the business applications can be delivered for maximum and early profits with Express as their base of development.

Node.js application development with Express framework gives enterprises a number of benefits. Below are a few of them.

Ease to Develop MVC Model-Driven Applications:

Enterprise applications are generally developed with a model-based approach like MVC, MVVM or MVP. In the case of the Express development, applications can be developed using the widely recognized MVC approach. MVC development approach enables faster, structured application development with ease and flexibility to changes because here the design and code of the application are separated. Hence, one can easily develop model-driven Node.JS web applications using the Express framework.

Flexible Framework with Robust Features:

Express is a flexible, minimalist Node.js framework with robust features for web application development. These include the top level features such as content negotiation, session based flash negotiations, environment-based configuration, application-level view options, robust routing, and dynamic view helpers. Enterprises require robust, error-free apps to serve their complicated and demanding business requirements and Express.JS offers a perfect platform to develop efficient applications with ease of handling errors.

Speed of Development:

Express.JS is much faster than the other JavaScript frameworks and hence, is widely adopted by the enterprises to ensure that their web applications can be built and marketed earlier. Its minimalistic design enables for simple development process which takes comparatively lesser efforts and time of the developers to build a web application.

Moreover, the basic features of Express are much similar to that of Node.JS. Hence, for a company that has Node.JS developers would not have to invest in training their developers for Express development skills. The developers with their existing Node.JS skills can easily get through Express.JS development to benefit enterprises.

Real-World Usage of Express.JS:

There are many enterprises like IBM, Yummly, learnBoot, Uber, Storify and MySpace that have already utilized this Node.JS technology for their web application development and have been reaping ultimate benefits from their investments. These enterprises have wisely used the Express.JS to create custom web applications best appeal to their business needs. So, if you are also looking to develop web applications using Express.JS, you need to hire the services of the experts. Only the professional MEAN stack developers or experienced Express.JS developers can help you create result-oriented web applications for your entrepreneurial needs.

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