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A GPS Based Social Media App Built To Share Event-Based Photos

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About Client

A USA based client approached Brainvire to develop a social media application that allows geo-location based photo sharing between users attending same event or functions within nearest proximity. Though app market is flooded with innumerable social media applications, there is no such application that allows users to share event-based media content within the same location. So, the client wanted to develop an event-based app that allows users to upload and download rich media content within same proximity. The application is developed on Android and iOS platforms and designed for the global audiences.

About Product

Now photo sharing has become interesting than before. Click the best event pictures from your favorite angles and share it with the event's attendees using PICSCII. It is one of the best event-based photo sharing app that allows users to share various event photos within same proximity. Sharing your favorite photos has become easy with PICSCII. Create a public event to upload and download various media files, invite friends via social media application, and search the nearby events that you love to attend on Google Maps. The best part of the app is you can even create your own private events, and invite friends and people to share clicks with them. Now discover thousands of events photos around you and share the images you like with PICSII. Download the amazing app and enjoy the rich media experience on the go.

How we did it ?


Improved Performance

Migrating JQuery based application to AngularJS not only made app highly robust and scalable but also fastens its performance to a great extent.

Streamlined User Experience

Compressing HD images to a standard format not only managed consistency across multiple devices but also streamlined user experience to a great extent.

Increased User Base

Increase in application usability widen user base by 25%.

Easy Synchronization

Synchronizing multiple users with an application to share event-based images has become easy and streamlined.

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