How Android Lollipop Enhances Mobile Application Development?

In this app age, where smartphones and mobile apps rule the world, new platforms and technologies are constantly evolving to enhance the experience of mobile application development. However, when it comes to build mobile apps, Android and iOS are the top players and will continue to be. However, these two operating systems also keep releasing their new versions, which create huge impact on mobile app development process. Android has recently launched its 5.0 version known as Lollipop which is designed keeping in mind the business needs and it offers an amazing range of features to developers.

Android Lollipop is another sweet take to Android and you can make the most of it not only on your smartphones or tablets, but it also powers your television, watch and car. You can continue with your search, listening to the same song or open the same image from where you left off across any of your Android devices. Other features include the material design and more tangible interaction. Also, your tablet can show you the inbox along with the email that you have opened and the best thing is that, your watch also notifies you about the new emails arriving to your inbox. Other important features include more battery saver and security options.

Android Lollipop development is equally useful for developers, as it plays an important role when it comes to the mobile application development. Its unparalleled benefits make it just perfect to build your app. So, let us take a closer look as to how it enhances the mobile app development process…

1. Performance: The reasons behind the performance optimization are plenty. It uses ART runtime which supports just in time, ahead of time as well as interpreted code; which not only optimizes performance, but also enhances responsiveness. Moreover, garbage collection and dynamic memory allocation also contribute in improving the performance.

2. Material Design: Lollipop also got an expanded UI toolkit to add new designs for real time shadows and that too with animated motion. Also, it supports animations for checkboxes and other touch controls as well as for drawing vector drawables and then you can choose from animation methods.

3. Powered Efficiency: Battery consumption is one of the most important factors. The mobile app developers can build apps in such a way that it optimizes the life of the battery.

4. Improved Audio Video: One of the best things about Lollipop is the newly designed and enhanced audio and video functions.

5. Camera and Video Functionality: Lollipop has also got new APIs, multimedia tunneling support as well as the high efficiency video coding for data streaming.

6. Other Features: Other features include new lock screen, searchable settings, sharing phone and maintain privacy and even more uses of beam sharing.

Now that you know how beneficial Android 5.0 lollipop mobile application development is, it is advisable for you to get your application built in Lollipop. So as to build a winning business application that will take your business to the next level. Good luck for the same!

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