The client is a niche provider of quality vitamins, herbs, dietary supplements, and beauty care products. They offer all these products at a reasonably discounted cost. They offer only those products that meet cGMP standards and high manufacturing norms. The right amount of quality nutrients at the right time can help customers maintain health.

Project Highlights

Brainvire’s team improved the digital presence of the client with the right SEO and social media strategies. The team reviewed backlinks and produced quality backlinks. They also carried out website audits and improved social media presence. The team suggested the right strategies to improve digital visibility based on the client’s website and target audience.

The Challenges

  • Poor Website Traffic
    Earlier the client’s website’s traffic reduced every day.
  • Absence Of Website Audit
    Absence of this feature restricted website performance.
  • Poor Social Media Presence
    This reduced reach and failure to convert sales.
  • Poor Organic Traffic
    The website failed to generate organic traffic.

Tech Stack

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  • Better sessions

    Poor session time resulted in unsatisfied customer experience. The team pulled the right sources to improve the overall session time. Within a span of 4 months, 347% increase in overall session time was noted.
  • Increased sales

    Improved social media presence, quality backlinks, organic traffic, and website audit helped trigger increased sales for the client’s website. The client experienced a 123% increase in sales.
  • Decreased bounce rates

    A slow website is one of the key reasons for increased bounced rates. Quality backlink, content, and proportionate pages helped to decrease bounce rates.
  • Increased mobile traffic

    There are several factors that determine mobile traffic. The quality and content of the video are primary factors that can help drive mobile traffic. Several other factors such as audience segmentation, social media presence, etc. also help boost mobile traffic. The client gained 254% mobile traffic through dedicated efforts of Brainvire’s team.

Client Review

Rajiv Bhatia

Rajiv Bhatia

Founder - Vitaminshub

Not only have they delivered what they said they would as per the timeline but they're easy to communicate with. The project's success allowed their team to create more versions of the solution and add more features. The project was completed according to the initial timeframe.

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