Effective and Efficient Internal Management for Improved Productivity in the Workplace

December 23, 2022 Dallas, USA

Today’s fast-paced business climate has prompted a reassessment of the role that corporate workspaces and facilities play in the success of their respective organizations. For this reason, it is vital to design a workplace that can accommodate evolving paradigms and is optimized for making the most of available floor plans and property holdings.

An Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) is essential to keep up with the demands of modern businesses. This kind of software provides the resources necessary to create a work environment that is conducive to high production and employee health. This management solution is all about software for managing a company’s assets, office layout, real estate, projects, and environmental impact.

Our client is also amidst the growing number of businesses that need an internal management system to keep their operations running smoothly and boost their productivity. Thus, to improve visibility across all operations, the proper controls must be in place to safeguard vital documents.

Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire, has remarked, “For a successful organization, internal systems must have a genuine influence on project management. Having a competent project manager in charge of a project is crucial for any company. Therefore, when the client came to us, we suggested an HRMS system to oversee things like employee-related activities, purchases, and maintenance for pliable stock items, asset repair, and employee expenditures.”

Brainers used the Odoo system to improve transparency in all operations by managing internal engagement activities and implementing the proper safeguards to protect data and keep detailed records.

Users of this company’s system are granted the ability to view, add, and edit data in certain ways. In addition, notifications are triggered across the system to inform another user about approval action at several levels, even if the activity in question does not need permission from the approver.

Furthermore, our team has created a multi-level sequential approvals flow to systematically go through the approval process, allowing for multi-level workflow. As a result, a request for this capability must go through many review stages before it can be processed. For example, when requesting leave, the request is sent to the applicant’s supervisor for approval or denial. This is an instance of a one-tiered authorization system. However, if Travel Approval is required, the request will be sent from the immediate management to the next manager, and so on, until the request is denied or authorized.

Moreover, we have moved forward with implementing the full HRMS flow in the system, which includes the entire cycle of hiring new staff members, managing their time off (including multiple types of leave), conducting performance reviews, and processing payroll for the country of Armenia. We also recommended adding an inventory module to the equipment management system to track purchases, keep track of inventory levels, and distribute newly acquired goods to the appropriate staff.

Brainvire’s technological know-how will help the company oversee its employees’ possessions, inventory, asset monitoring, and requests for repairs.

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About Brainvire

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