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About Product

A Mobile CRM Extension App is a mobile CRM extension app with an intuitive user interface optimized for the latest technology to increase productivity and efficiency by turning your mobile devices into a valuable business tool! The explosion of mobile phones has made them a nearly constant companion for many individuals.

Now, electrify your experience with Jotcall mobile CRM app that allows you to access critical information on the GO! It will help to boost the productivity of sales people, field technicians etc. with Jotcall’s Enterprise version on the way for organizations of any shapes and sizes.

With Personal Free and Personal Pay versions, Jotcall will adjust with the individual needs of the user in an efficient manner. Jotcall an easy-to- use mobile app for Android users can be well integrated with other CRM software and can operate seamlessly in online as well as offline mode so that you will be able to view, create, modify and delete any data whenever you need it!

Business Challenges

We wanted to develop a mobile CRM extension application that would have a great user interface which would be optimized according to latest technology and trends. We wanted to have this application to boost efficiency and productivity by transforming mobile as a means of business tool.


Our team of developers arrived with a solution to build a mobile CRM extension app that would have intuitive layouts and graphics, and would be able to serve as a great business tool for concerned individuals.


  • Intuitive Layouts and Graphics: Highly alluring and engaging UI designs brings richness of the visuals in all the dimensions on to your mobile device. The intuitive and user-friendly layouts enable engaging user experiences with beautiful designs to help inspire you to initiate action.
  • Access and Edit Information from Anywhere: The first release of Jotcall mobile app will include Personal Free version, so you can always stay up-to- date with your information anywhere, anytime! You can jot down notes, add, modify, organize notes as per contact basis and also use colored label categorize to differentiate contacts. Save all the information in just a few clicks on to your mobile device.
  • Use Your Way with our Cloud Powered Option: Jotcall’s Personal Pay or Web Version brings advantages for people who are always online. With this feature, Jotcall automatically stores all the information on our secured cloud servers with just a single click. This feature makes your data secure, portable and can be easily synced with the other devices.
  • Get the Information you need exactly when you need it: Streamline your business processes and workflow with Jotcall’s Enterprise version by integrating Jotcall with your existing CRM software and get the correct information and complete access to the data on the GO! The administrator can access to the core of the app including the various functionalities such as to create, modify and manage infinite groups, keep track of employee’s call logs, assign levels to different user’s depending on their role in the organization, publish notes for different groups, send updates, maintain access to critical information and a lot more! This version saves a lot of time and can sync data back and forth which keeps you updated every time.


  • Personal Version: A free version that stores the conversation notes known as Jots on the memory of phone. Color labels can be used by the clients to set categories in order to manage contacts.
  • Online Version: The online version is beneficial for those people who’re always online. It automatically saves the data on secured cloud servers, which keeps the data portable and highly secured, and makes it possible to be synched to the other device.
  • Enterprise Version: The enterprise version allows users to sync the smartphone app with company CRM. It saves a lot of time and syncs data back and forth hence keeping the user updated.