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Our client is a non-profit serving the Catholic community, with an innovative platform that empowers users to fill out forms, aiding in the creation of legal wills, funeral plans, and medical directives for times of incapacity. 

User donations are earmarked to benefit the welfare of the Catholic community, emphasizing a holistic approach to community support and ensuring that essential legal doc is readily accessible when needed.  

  • Non-profit Organization

  • USA


Business Goal 

Our client’s business goal is to simplify legal processes for the Catholic community, enabling users to create valid wills independently. Users may choose to designate the client as a beneficiary, contributing to community welfare. A section for users to express final wishes, like preferred funeral prayers, enhances the platform’s support  with web-app development activities.

Project Highlights

  • Web and Mobile app
  • Form builder 
  • PDF generator 
  • UI/UX

Enhanced UI/UX Experience

Customized UI/UX for this builder to enhance user engagement, making complex forms hassle-free. Customization at every level ensures a perfect user-friendly experience, attracting more users for easy legal document creation.
enhanced uiux experience for catholic non-profit organization

Key Challenges

PDF Generation

Generate static PDF from dynamic form data.

Dynamic Forms

A client seeks a smooth, dynamic form-building solution.

Form Fill Out

Required methods for guiding users who want help filling out forms.

Audio Integration

The funeral form is required to support audio files.

Our Solutions

Our developers provided these tailored solutions to develop a dynamic form builder platform.
custom form builder platform for non-profit organization

Form to Legal PDF for Users to Sign, Share, and Download

Our team crafted a conversion mechanism, turning form inputs into legal PDFs. Now, users can sign, share, and download these documents, transforming forms into legally recognized records.

custom form builder platform for non-profit organization

Enhanced Form Guidance with Sample PDF and Tooltips

We incorporated user guidance in form filling by displaying a sample PDF and providing tooltips on questions. This aids accurate form completion, eliminating the need for legal support.

custom form builder platform for non-profit organization

Users Can Play Audio Before Selection

We added audio files for users to play before making selections, ensuring accurate and informed choices in our system.

custom form builder platform for non-profit organization

Admin-Friendly Form Builder

We developed a flexible form builder for admins, enabling the application of multiple conditions on questions and sections. This ensures a seamless user experience, as end-users can easily navigate and complete the form.

Our Approach

To deliver desired outcomes for the non-profit serving the Catholic community, we implemented these strategies.



Step-by-step interactive tutorials guiding users via the process of creating wills to ensure independence in the legal process.


A user-friendly feature allowing individuals to easily designate the client as a beneficiary directly within the platform.

Final Wishes

Create a dedicated section where users can express personal wishes, such as preferred funeral prayers.


Integrate educational resources within the platform, offering users insights into the legal aspects of will creation.

Technology Stack










Key Results

  • Legalization

    Form auto-adds legal terms, creating a lawyer-free legal doc from user inputs.
  • Customized Form

    Empowering admins with dynamic form customization for user-friendly experiences.
  • Data Accuracy

    Tooltips and sample PDFs ensure accurate form data, saving time and boosting user confidence in results.
  • Audio Integration

    Users can preview the eligible songs before adding them to their collection.
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