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World’s Leading Diamond Retailer Experiences a Boost in Revenue by 64% with Brainvire’s Microsite Solution


About Client

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the client is a leading retailer of fine-cut diamond jewelry and has an undisputable business presence in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and Australia. They are preferred buyers of brands like De Beers, Alrosa, Rio Tinto and Dominion Diamond. Their impeccable judgment in evaluating and grading genuine diamonds has made them the most sought after name in the industry.

Product Idea

The client approached Brainvire with the concept of the microsite to scale its revenue in a cost-effective and streamlined manner. Basically, a microsite is an individual web page or a small cluster of pages which are meant to function as a discrete entity within an existing website. The microsite's main landing page can have its own domain name or subdomain. The product idea was to let the client’s resellers own an independent domain and sell the inventory in their name. Brainvire’s solution helps the registered resellers to add their own clients in the microsite and set a different rate for each client. With an in-built Content Management System (CMS) module, they can also do their own self-branding by customizing the look and feel of the domain. A robust dashboard, coupled with powerful analytics, helps the resellers to analyze detailed business reports and design better growth strategies.

How we did it ?


Self-Branding Capabilities

The resellers can decide the domain name and use the Page Editor to build a brand from scratch.

Cost-Efficient Solution

The resellers can acquire the domain and inventory from the client at a nominal price, customize the products and sell them with a profitable margin.

Data Privacy

The identity of the client will never be revealed on any of the microsites and the resellers can establish their own brand in the market.

Faster Development

Microsites have fewer pages and content and are easier to develop as compared to a full-fledged website.

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