Microsoft Azure- The Best Bet Enterprises Should Place!

Cloud- the one of the most heard buzzword in the IT industry that generally, people struggle to explain or understand. But, it’s everywhere, it’s in social media, online data storage, movies streaming and pretty more.

Cloud technology is making the work simpler and optimizing the operations. It’s a boon for the enterprises to deliver services to maintain an edge in the market.

However, in the growing pond of cloud computing, some biggest cloud service providers like- Google, Amazon web services, and Microsoft Azure are emerging that’s constantly investing to enhance the features and infrastructure alongside showing no sign of getting slow down.

Among all, Microsoft Azure is a big dog that stacks up against its competitors with IaaS, and PaaS for the better management, mobility, security controls and networking analytics.

Even more, Satya Nadella quoted by saying, “The company set the milestone of reaching $20 billion by 2018. Also, Microsoft boasted to have 120% year-over-year growth with the Microsoft Azure cloud.”

The Microsoft Azure technology is a pure gem that enterprises are fitting in the crown to better store, manage and process the data on the network of remote servers. The enterprises are using it to their advantage to overcome the on-premise server capabilities. There is a lot more…

In a nutshell, take a look at all the benefits that Microsoft Azure is offering that if enterprises embrace, they can outpace and out-muscle their rivals.

1) Ability to scale is like no other

It’s unpredictable to predict in advance that whether the business will prosper and need extra resources for increased traffic. There Azure’s pay as you go plan as the enterprise’s needs scale up or down is a perfect fit.

The enterprises have to pay on the minute basis and can anytime increase the storage power, computing capability and bandwidth, which are available at different rates. The scalable infrastructure meet various business needs with no upfront cost, no termination fees, and minute basis billing.

It aids in reducing CAPEX as the total cost of development is reduced because enterprises have to pay just for the processing and storage space they are using.

For instance: Brainvire has also accelerated the cloud revolution by Migrating the existing HRMS product to cloud to cater the increasing needs of data storage for the large enterprises.

2) Time to market is reduced

Microsoft Azure is a complete package that has inbuilt templates, integrated tools, managed services and supports the broad spectrum of languages, framework, OS and the databases, which enable the app development faster.

Besides, it alleviates the need to worry about infrastructure so that the development team will focus more on app functionalities, which aids in reducing the app development and time to market the application.

3) Improved agility
Are you fade up of the technique where everything is fixed and rigid where you need to set up the infrastructure and cannot test and try with the app features? If so, the Microsoft azure is the best cloud service provider you must be looking for.

The platform gives your development team more liberty to develop the applications, test them, check the feedback and then manipulate again with development testing solutions.

The development test environment tests the application in minutes on virtual machines at the pay by minute model. This way enterprise can easily catch the problem and fix the bugs, and get a precise view of how the application will work in the real world.

4) Analytics- tap inside your data!
You will be delighted to know that the platform not only helps you to store the unlimited data on the servers while lets you make sense out of the data. The advanced analytics unfold the value out of the data that enable proactive measures and which in turn ensure the constant growth.

The enterprises will get the insights that aids in taking intelligent actionable decisions and deliver personalized experience to the customers along with heightened engagement. HDInsight and Apache Hadoop-based cloud service are used to analyze the data deeply.

For instance: HEINEKEN, the brewing company leveraged Microsoft Azure cloud services to widen the market campaign reach to 10.5 million customers globally. The results are mesmerizing. The services are scaled to 2 million gamesplay per hour, the latency of 200-300 milliseconds is delivered and 10% saving on the cost total spent.

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5) BI support- act on the data now!

Not just the app’s time-to-market is reduced with Microsoft Azure, while its deeper insights also fetched in the right hands to ensure the right decision must be taken at the right time for the right audience.

The tailored reports and rich analytics all at one place from a single dashboard help in faster decision making. The easy access to data and visual analytics directly on the mobile itself enhance the app usage.

6) Easy failover and disaster recovery

The small outage or system failover can put the enterprise at a great disadvantage. Instead of letting the enterprises to keep aside a budget for the secondary infrastructure to recover the data, Microsoft Azure alleviates the hassle with data recovery cloud-based solution.

Microsoft Azure- The Best Bet Enterprises 4

Microsoft’s new offerings with automated recovery plan even recover the failover on the complete app or data center in a matter of hours. Also, the tests can be performed anytime without impacting the users to ensure the business plans are running smoothly.

7) Hassle-free backups

If your enterprise is counting on the on-premise back-up storage, then you are mistaking a lot. It proves to be costly and complex as well.

It’s time to protect your application or the data without interfering with the on-going business operations and legal compliances. Azure keep at least six copies of the data on two different data centers ensuring the 99.9% availability of the back-ups. It drastically increases the storage capacity and minimizes the cost.

Not it just saves huge bucks, but also enterprises have to spend less time in on-premise back-up storage infrastructure, which uplifts the productivity.

Stephano Budo, Solutions architect of Vigilant quoted saying, “I spend 35 days out of the past 18 months on back-up issues. Now, with Azure, in the last two and half months, I have not spent more than 10 minutes to address the back-up issues.”

8) Remarkable security

Enterprises place the utmost trust in Microsoft Azure to store the valuable asset- data on the cloud alongside keeping the power to control and handle the data the way they want.

Note: add “Encrypted communication”, “Secured Networks” and “Threats management” are the three things to be shown over every cloud.

With security and privacy deeply ingrained in the Azure, the data in-transit is kept safe through encrypted communications. The secured networks are established to connect datacenters to Azure or virtual machines to another to not allow the unauthorized traffic to tap into data centers.

To manage the threats, Microsoft antimalware, regular penetration testing, denial of service attack prevention and intrusion detection are employed for the cloud services and virtual machines to identify the malware attack and take the actions accordingly.


Microsoft azure- the technology that’s helping the enterprises to hit another milestone is anticipated to highly used by the enterprises in the near future.

The same the statistics for the websites hosted at Microsoft Azure states.

The enterprises are ready to integrate the business with Microsoft Azure to uplift the workflow, streamline the processes, optimize the operations and heighten the data security following all the compliance at the speed of light.
So what are you doing? Wanted to enjoy the benefits Azure is offering without breaking a bank? If so, get in touch with Brainvire consultants today to enjoy the myriad of advantages. Hire Azure Developers from Brainvire for your business growth.

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