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Brainvire Accelerates Cloud Revolution By Migrating HRMS To Microsoft Azure

03rd November, Utah, USA.

Established in the year 2000, Brainvire is a global dominant in the mobile, web, and enterprise application development where end-to-end and innovative solutions are provided to the diverse industries. The iconic leader in IT solution development has announced a worldwide strategic initiative with software mogul Microsoft’s Azure service to carry the global cloud revolution few blocks further by migrating the high-in-demand HRMS software to Microsoft Azure. The company has shared many years of warm relationship with Microsoft as its partner.


An Insight Into Brainvire’s HRMS Software

HR professionals are the backbone of an organization who use HR policy implementation and best administration tactics to manage the workplace and workforce. It’s difficult for HR department to manually manage payroll, training, and performance evaluation, timekeeping, employee data, leave, etc., as it’s quite complex and time-consuming process. The manual management of these subjects ends up impacting an organization’s overall productivity and growth.

Brainvire’s revolutionary HRMS software is a strategic approach to modernizing the Human Resource department. The software helps an organization in the long run by seamlessly automating the repetitive tasks such as onboarding, payroll, recruitment, centralized storage of all the data, etc. It eases the learning management process and powers predictive analytics. Brainvire HRMS software empowers the HR department to take a leap in the direction of informed decision making. All in all, the solution is perfect to tailor an organization’s specific HR needs.

A Step Ahead With Cloud Migration

Brainvire has taken a bold step to strengthen its hold in the cloud market meanwhile broadening its horizon in the HRMS segment by migrating HRMS to the cloud. Brainvire will reportedly use services offered by Microsoft Azure to enhance HRMS services such as administration, performance analysis and review, payroll, recruitment, and training, a level further. The transitioning to the Azure will allow Brainvire to host a suite of Microsoft’s cloud technologies, which will help small to large scaled enterprise customers easily adopt cloud-based HRMS systems swiftly.

“Brainvire works with many large enterprises or SMEs, which are looking forward to modernizing their HR department leveraging HRMS software, and so far, we’ve successfully catered their needs,” said Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire. “The migration of HRMS to Microsoft Azure is a strategic leap that will help the enterprises to transform the HR activities.” Further, he continued, “More and more enterprises are moving to cloud these days. With this approach of migration, we’re trying to give people the best-in-class services to match their cloud expectations.”

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The Perks Of Migration

The migration of HRMS to Microsoft Azure will not only help the organizations by reducing capital expenditure, increase in speed, easy customization options, but also with the high-end security. In the event of a certain emergency, normal payroll solutions are not highly secured when it comes to some targeted attack or natural disaster. However, the case with Brainvire’s HRMS software after the migration to Azure and providing HR software on SaaS model would be different.

In the case of any planned attack or any other emergency, the data can be securely moved at a safer place. This is because a huge amount of money is spent on securing the customers’ data. Similarly, the migration can also ease the data restoration process as cloud solutions are made to perform these tasks as quicker as possible.

Our HRMS model is based on SaaS, which adds more to the list of perks. Software as a Service (SaaS) has transformed the approach millions of enterprises take to handle their HR functions, at present. Long gone are the days of internal servers that used to overflow with employee data. Now, organizations turn to flexible and scalable software capabilities to handle day-to-day HR administration securely on a virtual platform. HRMS based on SaaS are SMB friendly and more efficient than the on-premise ones, which allows HR leaders choose from the features that they require.

It Has Become All Imperative – Why?

Brainvire is one of the best cloud migration companies available in the market. Our years of experience, expertise, and association with powerful names in the industry make us the best in the standard. The aforementioned perks suggest that embracing cloud HRMS solution will be a top notch choice for the leading enterprises who want to remodel their HR department.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is a global IT, outsourcing, and consulting company, which delivers end-to-end solutions by deploying customer-oriented approach and excellent strategy. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the company shares its global presence in countries USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, UAE, France, etc. Brainvire believes in delivering phenomenal experiences with breakthrough solutions leveraging the best-in-industry knowledge and latest technology expertise.

The company never shies away from consistently bringing in the change by embracing and mastering the latest information technologies, training tools, and human learning. Brainvire’s team of talented, dedicated, and dynamic professionals is capable of offering a high-end solution to its client with the perfect blend of effective methodology, technology, and domain knowledge. In a span of mere 13 years, the company’s reservoir of 550+ resources has successfully developed 150+ mobile apps and 1500+ web apps for various industries. Hire Azure Developers from Brainvire for your business growth.

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