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A Uniform Platform To Update Customers About The Latest Articles

Brainvire - Multi functional website with Magento

About Client

The client is a prominent publishing house and has multiple websites for their different magazines. They run a family-publishing business and aim to share interesting and entertaining stories. The client prefers to offer place-centric and niche quality content to their customers. They also aim to create a family-friendly workplace that allows personal as well as professional excellence.

About Product

Brainvire’s team developed a Magento website with a multi-website architecture to suffice the client’s need of a uniform website. This new website helped the client to streamline their eCommerce and informative aspects. Customers can create a single login account, subscribe, and utilize the platform.

How we did it ?


Single credential

Customers can now use a single set of credentials and gain access to the client’s multiple websites.

Uniform platform

Earlier the client had multiple websites. This platform offered a single medium to the client to reach their customers conveniently.

Admin access

The admin has complete access to create magazines, share articles, and also articles that are to be sold separately.

Complimentary gifts

The client can now offer complimentary gifts to their regular customers. They can share or gift one product along with the other one.

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