Must Have Drupal Modules for New Websites

New Drupal websites for businesses require atleast some modules to be able to provide businesses with a fully functional website and operate efficiently. Some Drupal modules are an absolute necessity, and some others are requirement based. Drupal Development has evolved and provides a broad set of functionality for businesses. Modules are simple code that you can plug in and use to add new features to your website. Drupal is an advanced content management system from the core. Drupal developers and enthusiasts however have added to the rich code base by adding new modules that can help accomplish very many tasks for ease of operation, marketing or user experience enhancement.
Here is a list of popular as well as essential modules for new Drupal Websites:

Prevent Spam: Captcha

It's the internet that is so open that makes every website vulnerable without proper spam protection. This module goes to the top of the list for “essential” Drupal modules. Especially new websites would definitely benefit from the addition of a spam protector for the website.
Amongst all the spam prevention modules, CAPTCHA seems to be the most popular one. (others are available too). It's effective too. Protect your Drupal site from spammy comments, and other spam from the web.

Admin menu:

this is a simple module that enables an admin menu to empower users to efficiently monitor and manage the website. Drupal 7 does come with it's own admin menu, but you can select a module as per your administration requirements and add functionalities to your website. If you do not have a Drupal specialist to administer your website, you would rather make things easy for you to do it yourself!

Readable auto URL creation: Pathauto

Human readable URLs, is a feature that is already available with Drupal 7 and higher. Well, to automatically generate them you might need Pathauto. This is a nice to have module actually. Not a must have. With this Drupal can be enabled to automatically tweak the URL and replaces spaces and unnecessary words like “the” from the URL.

Editor in text format : WYSIWYG

Drupal module to edit or add text in normal format rather than adding it in HTML would be a great addition to your Drupal site. Easy to edit sites with simple editing tool to bold, underline, italics like in a normal word processor.

Keeping path Robust : Pathologic

This type of module is used to keep the links and paths on your website robust. It lets you use short domain neutral paths. It also repairs links in RSS feeds, and helps you keep your paths robust.

Visitor Tracking

You should be able to track your visitors with ease. This Drupal module helps you track visitors before you leave the site. Google Analytic Module is a popular choice for this purpose. This requires an actual account with Google though. Piwik is another example, but it also requires an actual instance of Piwik.
There are plenty of modules that can add rich functionality to your Drupal website. Drupal web development keeps advancing and more and more modules keep getting added to the base. Well, the modules discussed here are some of the basic ones that you might need to get your Drupal website live

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