Node.js – The best emerging technology and the future of web!

Node.js is an event driven open source runtime to create server side applications. It is highly customizable server engine that is popular amongst JavaScript coders to create real time web APIs. It processes in a loop and sets up to respond to the requests.
The node.js is one of the best emerging technologies; it is the future of the web! There are a lot of areas where this technology can be implemented. Some of those areas are eCommerce, social media, and enterprise web service. In addition to these, it can also be used in payment processing and real time services.
There are a few reasons you should implement it; so let us take a glance over some of the most important benefits of using it…

  • Fast deliveryThe node.js is doing great as far as the customer needs are concerned. In this internet world where the internet companies are competing for speed, it is real important to take the feedback from the users after offering services and also make the necessary changes and redeliver it incorporating their needs as per the feedback.
  • Developer contentmentYou will get more developers in node.js, as the great developers willingly learn new technologies. Of course, it is important to hire talented and skilled developers for the organization who want to learn new things. So, if the developers are happy, they will deliver work with more passion in a better way.
  • Easy to hire developersAs in today’s competing world, where developers are rated not only on the basis of their experience, but their willingness to learn something new, it will be easy to get the developers who want to work with new technologies and think upon new ideas.
  • High performanceThe node.js delivers high performance and it is not just the story! Three big names have reported that they had an amazingly great experience during the busiest shopping times after implementing the node.js. Those are PayPal, WallMart and Groupon. Apart from them, LinkedIn has also declared great results post node.js implementation.
  • Quick and easy modificationsWith Node js development company, you can work on small modules which can then be combined together. Over time, you might need to make a few necessary changes in your application, with the new coming requirements. With Node.js it becomes really easy to incorporate such changes without making changes into the core code, as node.js make several small applications instead of one large one.
  • High efficiencyThe node.js has opened the doors between the rooms of backend and frontend! Now there can be one single team to code for the front end as well as backend of the applications which results into the increased efficiency in the process of development.

As you are now aware of the most important advantages of hire node.js developer, you will start realizing that it is one of the best emerging technologies and that it has got bright future; as few of the most popular companies have implemented node.js and many of them are in process!

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