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About Client

The client is the leading fitness and weight loss solutions provider offering amazingly fun and easy ways of losing weight by offering research-based health and fitness formulas. They are the creators of one of the most esteemed and leading brands of customized diet and fitness plan. The company offers free diet plan based on individual’s requirement like height, weight, age, gender level of activity, nutrition, and food.

Business Challenges

Having a website with great navigation features, UI, and responsive design is a necessity these days. The client’s existing portal was good, but it needed a major revamping to meet up to end user’s expectations. The existing website had performance issues and it was getting difficult with every passing to add fresh features on the go. A proper platform which might help users by allowing easy registration and choose the desired fitness and diet plan was lacking. Due to such issues, it was becoming difficult for the company to appeal and retain the customers. To end this dilemma, we came with some highly effective solutions that not only helped the client to appeal and the retain client, but also doubled the number of new clients.


Understanding the client’s business requirements to boost customer engagement for their business via an appealing web-based application, our team came up with brilliant features that revamped the whole existing website. We fixed the performance issues along with making it easier for the site admins to add new features on the go. The new features allow users to register themselves by creating an account for free, fill a basic questionnaire and choose the desired fitness and diet plan, etc.


  • The client can customize diet and fitness plans.
  • Dashboard to track day to day activities enabling users to get details about their workout schedules, the amount of calories burnt in a day, etc.
  • Users can come up with their own activity goals in order to achieve their fitness goals within a specific period of time.
  • Easy sign-up and user profile management with details like weight, height, etc.
  • Social media integration which allows users to post their fitness related achievements and information.
  • Responsive web application
  • Easy navigation
  • Brilliant User Interface
  • Impeccable database performance that can handle huge amount of traffic without slowing the system
  • Migration of existing user and other data from the old database to the new database
  • Includes SaaS Features


  • The first achievement was to come up with a better responsive design, which would allow users to interact with website seamlessly.
  • The second achievement was introducing the feature to track precise performance and fitness progress of the users on a daily basis.
  • The third achievement was to being able to offer automated diet and fitness plans to users as soon as they sign up with height and weight credentials.
  • The fourth achievement was the implementation of the measurements and recipes uploading feature.


  • Compatibility with all platforms makes it easier for users to browse
  • Eye-catching UI enhances user engagement
  • Easy navigation of the website improves user experience
  • Flexible an user friendly website
  • Increased the number of customers
  • Improved visibility and increased profit