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Web App Development
.Net Framework 4.0+
Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
SAP Integration

About Client

Client is India's largest consumer merchandise FMCG retail venture sourcing consumer supplies and household products direct to the consumer’s doorsteps. The company is well-known for its ultimate quality consumer merchandise products like staples, processed foods, beverages, personal care products, home care products, general and lifestyle products. Quality control is assured at each and every step of company’s process right from raw material procurement to manufacturing to packaging to delivery.

Business Challenges

The client has number of customer care or call centers across the country where the customer problems are addressed and orders of consumer supplies are received from the customers. All the FMCG products are stored and supplied to the customers right from the warehouses of the firm located in the nearby regions of the customer.

Therefore, the client required a web application through which persons at customer care centers can enter and maintain customer and orders related information and manage customer relationships efficiently. They also required a desktop application for the backend tasks in warehouses like inventory management, raw material management, order management and the warehouse management in the whole. They required a complete retail management system to list their products for online sales and to enable customers to place orders online through cart system. They wanted to develop a system that can help them maintain data sink and integration in real time across all the departments in the organization like warehouse department, purchase order management department etc., for efficient centralized management process.


Brainvire team developed an online retail management system with comprehensive functionalities to support client’s needs. The system was integrated with SAP in order to provide easy data collection from different departments of the organization. It was developed for smooth and uninterrupted functioning to maintain timely sink of the data across the organization in spite of the problems like internet limitations and much more.   The system was developed for the use of following   Administrators: Due to the enormous nature of the web application, the system was divided into multiple admins and a super admin. The super admin provides privileges to all the admins in the system. Supervisors and Agents: Supervisor handles all the data related to a specific number of agents, while the agents can manage customers and their details through application-provided interface. Warehouse: A warehouse manager can update the warehouse interface in the application as per the inventory status. Call center: Call center module enables managers to define roles for employees and help them add customer details while placing order for them.


  • Efficient order, customer data and inventory management
  • Multiple payment gateway integration for easy payment process for the customers
  • SAP integration for easy fetching of data from data sources of multiple departments in the organization
  • Efficient real-time data integration and timely sink of the data across the organization in spite of the problems like internet limitations etc.
  • Implementing WCF web services for faster performance of the application


The application was designed to provide real-time integration and centralized management of customer, orders, inventory and overall data across all the units in the client organization. Timely data sink feature was implemented for allowing uninterrupted access to the organizational information in case of internet failure or unavailability. The existing client system was integrated with SAP to provide ease of access and data collection from various departments across the organization. User-friendly application with customizable viewing options was developed providing superior user experiences with a personalization touch to the users.