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Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Contacts is Australia based well-known supplier of coloured contact lenses of different brands. It’s compliant with the Korea FDA approval standards. It has its marked its presence in many branches across Australia. Bright Eyes provides stylish contact lenses as per customer requirements and Eye specialists’ prescription. With the strong presence in the country, the client wanted to penetrate in the e-commerce arena with the help of a feature-rich and secure website.
Platform/OS Magento, PHP, Jquery, MySQL
Category eCommerce
URL www.brighteyescontacts.com


With the efficient and attractive website, Bright eyes contacts penetrated in ecommerce with abang. Right from an inventory, orders and customer management were end to end streamlined. Because of the exposure to outside world, they could attract a wider user base all over theworld and ultimately ROI went quite high in less time frame. www.brighteyescontacts.com


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