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Coupon Chief Chrome Extension

Coupon Chief is US’s one of the largest coupon portal that deals across the globe, too. The idea behind its emergence is to bridge the gap between thousands of stores and millions of users for various deals, offers, discounts, reward points and much more. Started in 2004, it has reached to 50,000+ stores and 158,000+ offers mostly in theUS and partly in other countries, at present. It shares a good relationship with Brainvire and always approaches Brainvire for it's various IT needs. This time, Brainvire developed a Chrome Extension for coupon chief.
Platform/OS HTML, JavaScript, MYSQL
Category eCommerce


A robust chrome extension helped to strengthen the brand image of coupon chief because its users don’t have to go to coupon chief website to get deals on a specific page. Instead, whenever a user opens a merchant’s website, automatically offer gets displayed. This one extension fetched quite a good number of users and due to that, the ROI was doubled within the shorter timeframe. www.couponchief.com Case Study


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