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Incident management for real estate organization

Dhanush Group
Dhanush Group

About Project

Dhanush Group is one of the most professional groups that ensures customer satisfaction, catering all their needs for four industries; corporate services, security, hospitality and construction. The client wanted us to build a tablet based time management system as well as incident management mobile application.

What we did

We have developed innovative solution for users to do time management, and incident creation and mapping system. It was adopted in all the department of organization, and nth level of usage so we can get clear idea.

Tech Stack

  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Symfony




Getting rid of excess water and mud as a result of drilling



Brainvire team has successfully completed both the projects successfully from Dhanush group with the help of its highly qualified and skillful team of experts. The credit goes to their skills and abilities as well as the latest tools and technologies that the company prefers using so as to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Subbarao Jayanti
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Our project required a very specific skill set and so we decided to outsource it to Brainvire. I have to say that I'm impressed! The project was carried out with all the right elements in place. Professional attitudes of the developers and the accuracy of their work helped complete the task in time. I'm happy with the quality of work done.
Mr. Subbarao Jayanti
Manager - Dhanush Group
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This particular project has not been as large a success as previous engagements. The client suspects that some growing pains have resulted in poor communication between senior and junior level developers, making their overall contribution less valuable.

Subbarao Jayanti
Executive, Software Consultancy
6 years ago