Facility Management App For Del Rentals

For tenants, owners, and vendors linked to condominium rentals, Brainvire used facility and property management.

Facility Management  App For Del Rentals
Facility Management  App For Del Rentals

About Project

The client, Del Rentals, is a real estate giant based in Canada and also a member of the prestigious Tridel Group. It approached Brainvire to get a facility management application developed. Its vision was to provide a seamless and secure experience to all its end clients- the owners, tenants, vendors, and the administration team, and simplify the rental process.

What we did

Unique facility management application which provides features like analytical dashboard, property information, invoice information, contract documents, and many others. Plus it does provide option to generate work order or issues which then managed via workflow
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    Real Estate
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Tech Stack

  • Android
  • Angular
  • IOS
  • Laravel




Accurate invoice splitting with a detailed workflow management and multiple approval system in place



The feature-rich application simplified the client’s administrative tasks to a great extent. Right from rent agreement approval to invoice splitting with the agent, the app proved to be a one-stop solution for managing the cumbersome rental process. Internal communication within the client’s team was streamlined along with a tagging capability.

Client Testimonials

Dan Henderson
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Not only have they delivered what they said they would as per the timeline but they're easy to communicate with. The project's success allowed their team to create more versions of the solution and add more features. The project was completed according to the initial timeframe.
Dan Henderson
President - Tridel Group
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Software processes are more efficient. Brainvire communicates well and effectively dismantles development obstacles, thanks to personnel choices and focus on troubleshooting. They’re technical experience, along with a dedication to client success, makes them ideal for an ongoing relationship.

Dan Henderson
President, Del Condominium Rentals
6 years ago