API Development Obtains Equity Data In Real-Time

Dynamic and open API development in various programming languages eases accessibility of data for the financial giant in the Asia-Pacific region.

API Development Obtains Equity Data In Real-Time
API Development Obtains Equity Data In Real-Time

About Project

The client is a leading player in financial services in the Asia-Pacific region dealing in loans and mortgages. They offer a variety of services ranging from home loans, gold loans, business loans, property loans, enterprise, and micro-financing. They provide loans, mutual funds, investments, and other financial services. The client approached Brainvire as their IT partner to develop openly hosted APIs in different programming languages.

What we did

Brainvire's team of developers created an API that can support various programming languages, making it versatile and easily integrable into different systems. This allows finance software companies to seamlessly incorporate the API into their existing technology. The API provides real-time financial information on the equity market, and it is designed to be scalable, fast and secure, making it a valuable asset for companies in the finance industry. The API's easy integration and scalability make it accessible to a wide range of finance software companies, enabling them to improve their services and stay competitive in the market.

Tech Stack

  • .Net core
    .Net core
  • Angular
  • Azure cloud
    Azure cloud
  • jSon
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Rust




Stable and responsive APIs- Brainvires team developed stable, responsive, and open APIs. The team utilized a queuing mechanism designed to handle large web traffic.



The open APIs were integrated with the equity market to enable clients to obtain real-time data from the finance market segment. The APIs are equipped to handle numerous transactions due to component-based architecture. Since the web APIs are open and universal, they can be integrated with multiple platforms depending on the clients’ requirements. The secure token also allows clients to manage a huge financial database.

Client Testimonials

Vaibhav Gupta
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If any urgent needs arise, I can count on them to take care of things. Their deliverables are reliable thanks to vigorous QA testing. They are communicative, flexible, and willing to evolve to meet changing needs.
Vaibhav Gupta
Manager - IIFL
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Brainvire Infotech Inc is developing an Android and iOS app that allows customers to see loan details and apply for or renew loans. They’re also working on an app and website for the broking space.

Vaibhav Gupta
Project Manager, Financial Services Group
2 years ago