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Edunguru, India’s largest education portal, is a frontrunner in the e-learning industry in the country. It has pioneered an innovative combination of online and offline education using advanced technology. It is readily accessible and affordable to the masses. With over 100,000 active users, it offers over 3340 unique courses for various national and international test preparation. Brainvire has developed a personalized e-learning portal that complies with K-12 education standards and offers a seamless experience for students, parents and teachers.
Platform/OS Android, iOS, Laravel
Category Education


The e-learning platform will make education accessible to one and all. Students living in remote areas can use the application even in low internet connectivity. Real-time tracking of courses and enrolled students will be easy with the dynamic Learning Management System (LMS). The recommendation of courses will be personalized thorough AI. Visual content such as videos and animations would be streamed faster due to the in-built integration of JWPlayer. The pen drive solution will prevent unauthorized access to the client’s copyrighted content.

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